InkMasters Print Exhibition at InkFest18 27/7-19/8/18 + The Big Print

by Margaret Genever
(InkMasters Cairns)

Inkmasters Print Exhibition 2018

Inkmasters Print Exhibition 2018

InkFest is unique to the city of Cairns - a centre of printmaking excellence. Held at the best time of the year in tropical north Queensland, it comprises many inter-related printmaking activities for artists of all cultural backgrounds and levels.

The principal event is the international juried Inkmasters Print Exhibition in Tank 4, 27 July -19 August 18 with $15000 prize money. It is a tour de force of works of Australian and International print media artists, including printmakers from our region.

5.00pm Public Lecture by Simon Wright GOMA Brisbane
6.00pm Launch and prize awards. Free entry, snack and cash bar

Prizes Total $15000
*$4,000 Dr Raya Mayo Prize for Printmaking Excellence
*$2500 Corsair Management Prize for Innovation in Printmaking
*$2000 Robert Clarke Builders Prize for Indigenous Excellence in Printmaking
*$2000 Anna Eglitis Prize for Emerging Regional Artist - Australian Cultural Foundation Boost Grant $1,000 ($500 artist, $500 materials matched by $1000 in-kind two-week residency with InkMasters master printer)
*$1000 Prize for Collaboration in Printmaking - CQ University
*$1000 Prize for Artist’s Book, 3D work or Novel Use of Media TPG Architects
*$1000 Prize for Printmaking Merit - Cultural Foundation Boost Grant ($500 artist, $500 towards workshop and materials or studio residency fee)
$1000 Early Career Artist - R & F Steel Building ($500 artist and $500 and one-week residency)
*$500 New Prints from the InkFest Workshops - Anonymous $250 x 2 prizes
Thanks to all our generous sponsors

The outstanding community event of InkFest is the BIG PRINT.

In the weeks leading up to print day on 29 July, the very popular Tanks Market Day, InkMasters conduct print workshops in Cairns primary and secondary schools and indigenous communities.

Then it's GET READY TO ROLL when the blocks are printed all at once in a long line c. 20 x 1 metres.

This year the print will be danced into being by artists and audience to the music of Cairns Pan Stars Steel Band.

The BIG PRINT then shows at Cell Art Space Gallery, 109 Lake St 1-19 August.

Inking the blocks starts at 9am and dancing at 11am.
Tank 5, Tanks Arts Centre, Collins Ave, Edge Hill, Cairns

FREE ENTRY - Fun for all ages, so come along and join in! Children under 10 must be accompanied by parents

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