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by: Anonymous

What a group of caring dedicated artists.

They create beautiful art work and then DONATE IT to people who had lost all in a devastating weather occurrence.

Dedication to the utmost. They are to be commended for their herculean effort.

I was there
by: Anonymous

In spite of Chicago's winter weather, a driving snow storm, I was there.

I heard that a 'New Orleans subject' painting was sold and a copy of it also. Many post cards also were sold and now 6 more families in "Katrina" storm devastation will receive a painting.

This group of 'I Artists' is to be commended for the fabulous work and contributions they have made to these victims. Each victim is eligible to receive one of your paintings when they are able to return to their rebuilt homes.

I'll be there
by: Anonymous

I want to see this exhibit. I think I'll come in costume so no one will recognise me.

I'll come incognito, or maybe dress as an ugly woman. But I will not be the belle of the ball.

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