Holiday portraits a drawcard at Port Douglas markets.

Painting holiday portraits at the Port Douglas markets is a far cry from art school in Adelaide, majoring in ceramics, for Robin Ayers.

But it was this creative beginning, coupled with an insatiable urge to learn more and more about art, which has led Robin Ayers along interesting life pathways…all the way to the markets, drawing people, one might say!

Portrait artist, Robin Ayers, at Port Douglas marketsPortrait artist, Robin Ayers, at Port Douglas markets

Charming holiday portraits

Port Douglas Sunday markets afford a fascinating glimpse into the creative world of the area, renowned for its accomplished artists, beautiful scenery, fine food and relaxed life-style. Stall owners at the markets are required to make or grow their own produce, or to, at least, have creative input into their production.

When I first met her, Robin used to do something which I would never dare to attempt. In the full glare of public scrutiny, she would sit down in front of children, adults and lovers and draw charming portraits of them!

Robin's portraits of children

For a start, that was bravery of a special kind. But the more obvious reasons for admiration were her skills of observation, her knowledge of how to draw people and her understanding of her subjects, so that she was able to render their appearance and expressions in a way that was accurate and which appealed to them.

sketches of Locals and visitors at the marketsLocals and visitors at the markets

These days, with queues six deep, Robin’s popularity has meant that, in order to keep pace with demand she will either make a quick conte or charcoal drawing from individual or family portrait poses or she will photograph her subjects from various angles to be painted later in her studio from the resultant high resolution digital images.

Sometimes she is happy to use her artistic skills to draw or paint a portrait just from photographs, so, if you haven't been to the markets for a while and your children have grown up a rapidly since your last visit Robin may oblige with an up-to-date version from your recent can always ask!


Look for Robin in her white hexagonal marquee at the Port Douglas Sunday Markets… you might just join that queue!

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