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by: Anonymous

Ted seems to inspire one to travel. Comment seem to say they looked at one of them and traveled there to actually see it: as in Columbus Park waterfall, or Chicago's lighthouse, and HEIDEMANN MILL.

But those exercise freaks that see his forests and decide to "take a walk". He has motion in his paintings and inspiration for adventure.

Ted gave me a card today with the address to this site. I had no idea what a "REAL TREAT" was waiting for me. But when I was able to gaze at these beautiful paintings and I also was ready to travel.

yes - yes
by: Me - too

After reading the many comments about this painting, I "Googled" Addison, IL on a map. Charted my drive and located "Century House"

Luckily I had selected a Saturday for my cross town adventure as the museum seems to only have Saturday open times.

I located the painting in this turn of the century home which is the museum. It is prominently displayed in the dining room of the house. A perfect place for it.

The person I spoke with in the home was so informative as to the history of Addison, its early name was not Addison, and it escapes me now as I try recall the name of some grove.

Ted is an inspiration. Some see these paintings and take walks. I saw this painting and drove to see it in person. (I hate walking.)

by: Alexian Nurse

During the week I treated Ted's wife during her hospital stay, she beamed with pride of her husband's paintings.

Thoroughly intrigued with her telling of his enjoyment in making paintings I finally ventured to this site after receiving the URL.

I was mesmerized with the beauty of each painting. Each different subject thoroughly created a tingle within me as to the beauty around us. And this man has captured these scenes so vividly.

A pleasure treating her and meeting this artist.

by: Anonymous

Research before painting? And meticulous brush detail from this inspiration.

As for his wife being his critic? He is so rewarded with her comments. Does she see the work in progress or upon completion? Bet she never rejects any of Ted's works.

He is remarkable and dedicated.

museum quality
by: Anonymous

Every one of your paintings are Museum Quality.

And only the Heidemann Mill is in a museum.

Century House is to be congratulated for their selection of this piece of history which you so delicately painted.

Beautiful work
by: Ken

You gave me your card yesterday. You work and your explanations are very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

by: Geri

beautiful painting and subject matter. congrats

by: Classmate

Ted always seems to do research before he makes a painting. I guess that way he can really get into it and put his heart into it. IT SHOWS!.
Always a meticulous painting from his hands.

He uses such small brushes to achieve his precise detail. He showed me one he said had only 4 hairs, and claimed he had another with only ONE hair.

A pleasure to be with him in classes.

by: Karen Gehse

Beautiful painting! And great story behind it too Ted!!

Heidemann Mill
by: ed barnes

looks good

by: Anonymous

From all the detail in the painting, and all the research, what but a beautiful painting could materialize.

Out of necessity, a mill was built to grind the farmer's corn and wheat. Vandals destroyed another's love for helping people.

A caring man researches history and makes a beautiful painting of a cherished landmark of Addison, IL. Such caring people are to be commended. Their efforts are appreciated. Sadly the donors are very seldom the recipients of favorable comments.

I help sick and injured people at a hospital and was priviledged to meet the artist as I was treating his wife. He is so attentive both to her and to detail. His paintings show his caring.

We both laughed when he commented that his wife is his biggest critic. My compliments to her.

by: Anonymous

You gave me your card as I was treating your wife in the hospital.

I am so impressed with your paintings. I was going to try locate and see the actual mill until I read about the vandals destroying it. Sad what some will do.

You have saved a bit of history with your beautiful painting.

I am so glad I met you. Now I can brag I saw an actual artist, met him and saw his beautiful work.

Very nice
by: Anonymous

Very nice and similar to a photo of a mill a friend of mine from Holland sent to me.
Where in Addison was this mill located?

- RushMan

OOOOOOOOoooooh !
by: Anonymous

Where ever does this man get his inspiration. A classic mill from history.

Lighthouses, covered bridges, mills. Ted is an inspiration for all to see.

I can just picture this mill in the corn and wheat fields. A necessity answered by a dedicated carpenter, and farmers had their wheat and corn ground.

Ted always seems to research history before he paints his beautiful pieces.

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