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Exchanged Motorcycle stories
by: CSM Weick (Rolling Thunder Chapter 1-IL)

Met Ted at the Concord Plaza BBQ for Veterans(8/26/17). Rolling Thunder supports this facility with furniture, supplies, etc. for the Veteran occupants. In return they invite us to partake in their events for their Vets. I have a custom built Army chopper and Ted was admiring it and talked to me about his Healthy Cycle painting. I had to look and see it for myself. Super guy. Army Strong.

by: hamburger envier

I watched this man limp into the burger joint, cane in hand and struggled with the entry door. I saw his special shoe on his left foot, a real thick heavy looking shoe with a about 2" thick sole.

I hurried to the door to open it for him. Then I saw his cap with an eagle on the front. I asked him about the cap and he said he was in the 101st. Airborne during the Korean war. I asked about the cane and shoe: and he declined to answer, so I pressed on.

"Paratrooper training told me to relax if you are falling" and to "take a body fall so you will not break anything." He said that's what he was told in training. He followed instructions and broke his hip and leg.

I paid for his small hamburger and fries and thanked him for his service, took his tray and I followed him to a seat.

Then he thanked me and gave me a card with this WEB page. I treated him and he gave me a much nicer treat - his beautiful paintings.

Thank you Ted Mueller

what a man
by: Thrilled

I was in front of this man, and saw his 101st. Airborne emblem on his hat, saw his cane. I thanked him for his service to our country and offered to pay for his meal that he had ordered. He smiled and replied that was not necessary. I insisted and asked why the cane and he said he was on way home from V A hospital for some out patient surgery he had just received.
Now I insisted to pay for his order and mentioned I was with a motorcycle group.
That is when he gave me his web site and mentioned "The Healthy Cycle" saying it would be a surprise to see.

I'm glad I met him and my pleasure to thank him and see this remarkable painting from such an interesting gentleman.
I thought I treated him and he surprises me with a treat to see his paintings.

by: Odessa

My seven year-old and I love this one!

mouth watering
by: Anonymous

What a mouth watering painting. And 'it won't take a bite out of your pocket'.

Don't play with your food
by: Anonymous

Most people eat a salad.

You create one.

My mother always said, "Don't play with your food."

I'm glad you did not listen to your mother. How else would we be able to see your humor?

flat tire
by: Anonymous

Just a thought? If you got a flat tire with this, you could eat your heart out.

Or rather just eat your tire.

Thought I'd add my humor to this one.

Best use for Vegtables I've ever seen
by: C. Pokemon

Since I don't like to eat vegetables, I think this would make a great ride. More colorful than my dad's red scooter.
That is cool!

such imagination
by: Anonymous

Such imagination. Can you make a car also?

Or how about an airplane?

If anyone could do it, I am sure you could. Take the challenge.

by: Art lover

And I always thought you were NUTS. But I see no nuts in this art, only veggies.

But what else could one expect from a gifted artist as you are. Anyone that can see art in any subject is to be rewarded. You get your reward sharing your art.

Yes, right on - ride on.

eating anyone
by: Anonymous

Just looking at this creation makes me want a salad. Maybe that is what could happen in "an accident"

Such humor. Ted is one of a kind

Healthy Cycle
by: RushMan

I would have suggested ears of corn for the cylinders!

What kind of fuel does it run on?
Vegetable oil? Soybean oil?

Nice cycle, all the same!

Marvelous concentration
by: Admirer

You are a man of many talents. I am amazed at your versatility. A simple assignment of a collage and you exhibit your humor with your talent and deep thought.

To take simple things like vegetables and think entirely in another direction shows imagination.

What fun!
by: Jill

Looks as though you were having great fun, Ted!

by: Anna Hawthorne

Hi this looks like Yummy Fun!

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