Your Graduation Announcements,  Reviews, Achievements - Tell Us Here?

Have you any graduation announcements to make as the result of having recently completed a course of study? Perhaps there is a special award for which you have worked hard or some other significant milestone that you have reached? It doesn't need to relate to work or study (although it might) but should have something to do with Art.

Would you like to review an exhibition that really impressed you or even describe one of yours including the process by which you researched your subject and applied your skills to resolve your findings or viewpoint?

Perhaps you have been accepted into a course of study that has interested you for ages or been approved as an artist-in-residence at a school, holiday resort or even on a cruise ship?

Whatever your announcement, whether that be your graduation from school or university or some other important achievement we would love to hear about it here and share your successes with you.

Don't forget to illustrate your article with up to four photos of artworks or of yourself and fellow artists.

A project tackled, a course of study completed, a fear conquered, a new skill mastered; all are excellent reasons for joy and jubilation.

Some of you may have developed a new emphasis to your work and exhibited a body of work demonstrating this. Perhaps you have explored a new medium altogether - painters may have morphed into sculptors, sculptors into print-makers.

Perhaps your latest show has been a sell-out - do tell!

What art business news would you like to share? Have you read some good books on the subject or written one yourself? This is the perfect spot for a little self promotion!

Whatever your achievements, well done and congratulations to you all! Don't be shy - share your successes (in 300 - 400 words or more) and let's celebrate with you?

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Do you have some great news to share with us? A personal achievement? A graduation announcement? We would love to hear about your successes.

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