Gender Stereotypes Are the Subject of  Laurel McKenzie's Artworks.

Gender stereotypes of women, as represented in the popular media and in fine art, are the subjects for critiques by Cairns artist, Laurel McKenzie.
Laurel works with mediated representations of women - quotations of women from the popular media and fine art, who appear in stereotypical and limiting guises. Collage, printmaking and mixed media are used to create images that challenge these  stereotypes, recognising the role that art has played - and continues to play - in the objectification of women and the gendered construction of identity.

The images are often developed from figure drawing sessions from life or from collages of torn and cut paper, which are then scanned, further layered and manipulated in the digital environment, then printed onto paper or canvas with archival pigment inks.

These works continue the tradition of working with collage/photo-montage as a feminist strategy that began with Berlin Dada artist Hannah Hoch in the 1920s.

Images, on the same theme of representation (and misrepresentation) of women, are also created using drawing, traditional forms of printmaking, especially lithography, as well as mixed media. Works are created in series for exhibition as installations.

'Astral Thighs'

Trained at RMIT, Monash University and James Cook University, Laurel has been involved in  many solo and group exhibitions and is represented in the National Gallery of Australia, Artbank and other public and private collections.

Following a long career as a visual arts educator, Laurel is now a full time artist living and working in Cairns. She is a founding member of Inkmasters, Cairns Inc, a Cairns, North Queensland, group which promotes opportunities for print-makers to learn, teach and to exhibit nationally and internationally.

'Blow Up'

Laurel exhibits regularly at Stephen McLaughlan Gallery in Melbourne, locally and internationally, her insightful work being of great interest to collectors.

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