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by: melissa at hines

This is so beautiful

by: Anonymous

I would not want to be in this garden alone. It is so beautiful I would want to share.

I bet I could sit on that bench for hours.

music to my ears
by: musician

I am a musician. As I looked at this picture a song came to mind.

It starts: "I go to the garden alone."

I met him
by: Anonymous

I met the artist at a showing at the "Wings Gallery" in April, 2001, where this painting was on display.

Ted informed me that the painting will be donated to the "Katrina" rebuild program. Such generosity. He also displayed another painting titled "Canal Street" of a street car in New Orleans. Such detail he shows in his paintings. I was hoping to see it here also in this collection. And ted stated it also is destined for Katrina.

These artists that formed 'IArtists' are donating these beautiful paintings for the beautification of the homes destroyed in New orleans, as they are rebuilt.

Such generosity.

by: Anonymous

I imagined sitting on that bench and I could hear the water cascading from the fountain. And I think I could actually smell the flowers.

And I bet you are a perfectionist with such detail illustrated in a painting.

Four stars as a critic would say ****.

by: Anonymous

Ted has captured a scene that rivals many painters. He has put down such a serene picture of someone's pride and joy.

Thanks for a pleasant view of such a nice place. I want this picture for my own, but I will place this address on my 'favorites' bar and return to view it again.

by: Anonymous

I visualized sitting on the bench and I thought I heard the bubbling fountain.

I could smell the flowers and the fragrance of the air after a spring rain.

The effect this artist had on me is to be awesome. He is an example of true realism. I must see more of his works.

I am not an art critic but I give 5 stars for this one. *****

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