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Making friends online can be a joy. If a common interest or purpose develops the relationship into a shared project, that focus then moves it to another level.

I read much about the grand sounding JVs or ‘joint ventures’ that involve high flying corporations and the like, but similar collaborations can also happen in an enjoyable and productive way on a much smaller scale.

‘Out of the blue’ I had an enquiry from an English musical group, with the intriguing name of Stomping on Spiders, wondering whether I knew anyone who might be interested in providing artwork for the video release of a new song of theirs, ‘In Paradise’.

Stomping on Spiders groupStomping on Spiders - here they are!

A Happy Song

The song is a happy one, all about Port Douglas, so who else would I suggest but Port Douglas Artists? This is a loose group of professional artists, which formed when we opened working studios and galleries in the Reef Marina, Port Douglas in 2011. Since then we have tried to involve ourselves in an art related activity together every year.

Most of these artists are painters, so we rallied to find images that would fit the lyrics of ‘In Paradise’ in a meaningful way. These were complemented with photographs, the whole collated into a slide show, which was then integrated with the music and given the final touches (including some of his own photos) by Port Douglas local, Dale Priem.

Who are these tropical artists and what are their painting ideas?

There are fish, flowers and beach paintings by Terry Johnson, local landscape oil paintings by Tania Heben, boat paintings by Mary Ann Runciman and autobiographical acrylic paintings by Yoshiko Kirby (plus one of mangosteens - never heard of that 'queen of fruits'? You must come visit!).

Printmaker, Anna Curtis, has treated us to some delightful images of food and flowers of the tropics while painters/textile artists Linda Jackson and Jill Booth provide insights into aspects of the rainforest and reef.

Louise Collier’s underwater view of the reef with Low Isles in the distance speaks volumes about her experience of living and working on Low Isles, a tiny island an hour's sail from Port Douglas. This island was the subject of an interesting exhibition by the ‘Island Girls’ group of local women artists, years ago.

Friends online become friends in the real world.

The launch of ‘In Paradise’ is timed to coincide with and enhance Port Douglas Village Carnivale 2015. Gary Tolley, who, with Noor Ali and Becky Davis, wrote the song, will be visiting Port Douglas for this event, so we look forward to celebrating our new-found friendship. Isn’t the internet marvellous? A real magic carpet ride!

We hope that you enjoy the video, above, and will soon be singing along to their happy song...and that it makes you feel like visiting us - or is that re-visiting?

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