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Here's a great way to keep in touch! Send a free e-card (or six!) to your friends - it's easy - a few clicks and you're done!

Artists' paintings and photographs featured here are from the originals by that artist. They reflect their interpretations of tropical rainforest flowers, old sugar cane-cutters buildings, even types of tropical fish!

Free online greetings in the form of a copy of an artist's masterpiece sent to family and friends lets them know that you are thinking of them. Send a special birthday wish, congratulations or just a 'hello' to your favourite people.

These greetings are especially relevant if you are visiting North Queensland, or if you live here. But, if that's not the case, you could always put it on your wish list and send greetings from where you would like to be!

Artists whose work appears on a virtual card or stamp are Tania Heben, Terry Johnson, Linda Jackson and Jill Booth, all of whom feature on this site.

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So, off you go - send a free e-card, as many and as as often as you wish, right now! Enjoy!

NB: There is a 500 characters limit to your message - that's about 100 words. You may edit your message as often as you wish.

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Marie paints on silk during silk painting workshopMarie paints a silk scarf
Student's lino block carving ready to printLino print block, carved ready to prnt
Christine and students paint on Four Mile BeachPainting class on Four Mile Beach
Student sculptor with portrait sculpture and modelPortrait sculptures in clay
Olivia and Jasmin with their block printing using leaves Mono prints
Inking up a lino block ready for printingInking up lino block

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