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by: April from Speedway

My daughter LOVES flip flops, and I know she would just LOVE this painting just as much. I think this is a fabolous painting of some yummy flip flops!

pharmacy customer
by: Anonymous

I was in a Target store recently to pick up a prescription. I thought I saw these flip-flops on a shelf in the pharmacy.
I mentioned it to "SAM" the pharmacist, and he said he bought them from Ted because his wife liked the picture she saw of them.
He has not taken them home because it is such a conversation piece there in the pharmacy.
Sam also gave me this address so I could see them for myself.

Now I want a pair just like these. Where is Ted when I want him?

wanna bite?
by: Anonymous

I want a bite.

I hope you bring these to the next party.

by: Anonymous

Ted's wife was so excited about his painting. She raved about a pair of shoes, no she said FLIP-FLOPS.

Gave me this URL address.

Now I see what she was so jubilant about.

by: Anonymous

Men? All the ones I know have other things on their mind; usually sports. Can't get their attention or get them away from TV.

This man is down to earth, like a good man. But food? Would love to cook for him if all he wants is watermelon.

Just my pun

a slice of life
by: Anonymous

A slice of life, or from life.

Ted is a comedian on canvas, or in this instance a shoe in.

See I can be a comedian too.

food anyone
by: Anonymous

Looks good enough to eat.

always food
by: Admirer

Always food. Men either talk about cars or food.

I can see where his mind is.

The way to a man's heart - FOOD!

Jolly Green Giant
by: Anonymous

About the only one to fit in these would be "The Jolly Green Giant"

What imagination Ted has.

Such humor is appreciated.

by: Anonymous

Simply marvelous. What a fantastic idea.

A wall hanging of flip flops as a decoration.


One of a kind
by: quiet member

Seems that one can usually count on Ted to come up with something unusual.

Again "FLIP-FLOPS" How unique watermelons no less.

Like the instance Ted created a "healthy cycle". A motor cycle created entirely from vegetables.

Food on his mind I call it. And again he surprised everyone with his melon creation. He sure has imagination. But what a lovely wall hanging. (I guess that is what one can call it.)

What next from this creative mind?

by: Jessica-PNC

Looking at these watermelon flip flops made me hungry! Good Job!

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