Fine Art Portrait Paintings Connect With the Subject's Soul.

Yoshiko Kirby's fine art portrait paintings are usually of her friends and family. These are paintings that are never rushed as she slowly gathers her thoughts and impressions about her subject's character and personality.

If Yoshiko doesn't know the subject of a commissioned portrait, she chats with them, putting them at ease and connecting with their spirit, which interests her more than does the person's physical appearance. She will discuss their interests, some of their life experiences and seek their opinions on various matters as she gets a feeling for the personality of the person, whom she has been asked to describe with paint and brushes.

Yoshiko Kirby 'Tunnel Vision''Tunnel Vision'

In fact, because she feels that it is the inner life of the person, which is more revealing than external appearances, her portraits sometimes bear only a passing physical resemblance to the person but are recognizable through the emotional connection that she achieves.

Eyes the Windows to the Soul

As Yoshiko remarks, 'the eyes are the windows to the soul' and it is through the person's eyes that she is allowed to enter the subject's world. She has the ability to gauge how a person is feeling about themselves and sometimes describes that through the person's expression and through the use of symbols.

Yoshiko Kirby 'Self Portrait with Bananas' - acrylic'Self Portrait with Bananas' - acrylic
Yoshiko Kirby 'Girl with Red Dress' - acrylic,'Girl with Red Dress' - acrylic,

Yoshiko starts the acrylic portrait paintings process by chatting with her subjects so that they relax and feel comfortable about the next stage of being looked at and drawn in simple sketches. She never photographs a subject, preferring instead to draw and paint them from life.

Quick pencil sketches establish the composition of a portrait painting. Frequently the subject is juxtaposed in a 'landscape' that lends meaning to his or her life and history and which helps to convey character and personality. Objects used as symbols further expand and enrich this explanation.

Quiet Time With Cat

A Healer

Lisa 1

Yoshiko's interest in painting portraits involves being interested in her subjects' life experiences, which they show on their faces. Here some of her Port Douglas friends demonstrate this.

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