Featured display of Yoshiko Kirby's art in the lobby at Sheraton Mirage, Port Douglas

Curtain Raise

Curtain Raise

Born in Japan, Yoshiko Kirby has lived in Port Douglas, North Queensland, for many years. This week she has been chosen to be the new artist in residence at Sheraton Mirage Resort, Port Douglas.

A conceptual figurative artist, Yoshiko's work will be a featured display in the hotel lobby, with the artist in attendance on some days. Renowned in the Far North Queensland region, her signature style draws on her own personal symbolism and an examination into Nature and the human psyche.

Whenever she paints, her brush always somehow leads her to people. This is never intentional. It's the direction that her soul moves towards when the paint, the brush, and the canvas collide together in a burst of inspiration. It emerges through her creativity - a part of her that is deeper and bigger than her - and the connection she feels between the subject and herself. If it doesn't exist, she can't paint.

Her painting has become a channel of sorts; the dynamic funnel where her soul and the people which she observes dance together.

Yoshiko works at the artspace in the hotel lobby, usually all day on Monday, then Wednesday & Thursday afternoons.

She is available to chat about her selection of subject matter, much of which, in the past, has been autobiographical, and her working methods as she develops a painting.

Of recent times Yoshiko has become interested in portrait painting and the way in which she is able to interpret the personality and character of each subject. She will undertake portrait commissions should you wish to engage her in such a project.

Painting a portrait, for Yoshiko, is an intense process. As with most portrait painters, she seeks to find the sitter's character and personality, not merely his or her outward appearance.

When undertaking a portrait commission Yoshiko begins by chatting with the subject about their life and thoughts. from the point
It feels to her as though her inner soul takes a flight into the place near the subject's soul to observe and to get the emotions the subject talks about in their life. She needs time to digest or to connect with the emotion of the subject's stories. Sometimes this process takes days and months; she needs to wait until the connection comes. After she has digested the subject's different emotions in each life stage, Yoshiko picks one which is most connected to her. However, sometimes she can't paint at all, if the person is too sick, or if the energy of the soul doesn't come to her. If that's the case she needs to cancel the work or wait until the connection occurs.

Please also see www.yoshiko-kirby.com for more information about her artwork and curriculum vitae.

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