Tropical Fashion Scarves Feature Colourful Paintings of Flowers.

These silk fashion scarves become versatile wraps. If you have seen the new scarves on this page you will realise that I have combined them in different ways to make silk wraps that look fabulous in the evening - or under a coat as an elegant scarf when folded lengthwise during the daytime.

Being such a generous size (180x 90cm) they also make a versatile fashion sarong or skirt for day or evening wear.

Of course, they will make fabulous gifts, whose beauty and usefulness will go on giving for years. They fold up into 'next to nothing' so are great for travel or for inexpensive postage to your favourite friend or family member.

Prices include postage within Australia as well as help of $10 towards the cost of postage to another country. I can wrap and post for you at no extra cost if you would like to tell me what to write on the gift card (postcard).

Choice of three designs

Tropical flowers silk sarong wrapTropical Flowers 1 - pure silk

'Tropical Flowers Wrap 1', pure silk fashion wrap - all the colours of the rainbow! Wear it over a plain outfit in any of the colors featured - or for dramatic effect over black or white (my favourite). $290

Tropical Flowers Silk Wraps
Tropical Flowers sarong wrap 2Tropical Flowers 2 - pure silk

'Tropical Flowers Wrap 2 - this fashion sarong or wrap features green's complementary color - bright red, with a touch of fresh white and warm yellow. How would you wear this? I can imagine it looking stunning with plain dark green, orangey-red, yellow or white.  $290

Tropical Flowers Silk Wraps
Tropical Flowers silk wrap 3Tropical Flowers 3 - pure silk

'Tropical Flowers Wrap 3' -  scarves combined in such a way that they accentuate the mauves, purples and blues - exciting yet harmonious. To my mind it would look 'splendiferous' worn with navy, dark blues, maroons or purples. Each of the wraps will complement an all white outfit with pizazz, so have fun wearing it!  $290

Tropical Flowers Silk Wraps

The luxury of pure silk fashion scarves

Silk is such a luxurious fabric and has been prized through the ages. It is surprisingly easy to care for and loves to be kept clean by either hand washing or dry-cleaning.

I like to keep my personal silk scarves and clothes fresh by gentle washing, without the use of chemicals other than a dash of mild detergent. Once they have been well rinsed I wrap them in a towel for a few minutes to remove excess water, then iron them immediately on the 'silk' setting.

Which of the three is your favourite?

Are you enjoying wearing your new silk scarf or wrap? Or still deciding on which to order?

What is your favourite way of wearing it? Out with the camera, do a few swirls and show off your wrap or scarf. Click! A moment captured forever. Do share?

How to Wear Fashion Scarves

Would you like to show us how you love to wear fashion scarves?

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