Fabric Designs Reflect Patterns In Nature.

These fabric designs were hand-painted on a beautiful silk/cotton mixture fabric, using fibre reactive, fast dyes.

The subject of the designs resulted from an examination of some of the patterns in Nature that I see at the beach, in my garden, or the fringing rainforest. 

For a change from the rather bright designer scarves that I have painted or  printed for many years, I decided to use harmonious, softer colours in dull pinks, blues and greens, even browns.

The reason for this choice was because the fabric is so suited to wearing in hot climates and I could imagine it being made up into comfortable dresses, skirts and shirts for men or women.

The silk component (50%) gives the fabric a lustre and crisp 'handle' while the cotton (also 50%!), being hygroscopic, absorbs moisture.

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silk/cotton dull blues with a touch of light green

5 - 252cm $170

silk/cotton apple green

6 - 250cm $120

greens and dark blue silk/cotton

7 - 236cm $225

soft greens silk/cotton

8 - 244cm $110

Soft pinks and blues with a touch of red - silk/cotton

9 - 200cm $190

silk/cotton mottled blues and off-white

10 - 254cm $170

silk/cotton length - dark blues with gold and pale green

11 - 258cm $185

dull yellows with a hint of blue and brown - silk cotton mixture

12 -  255cm $140

soft, neutral blues, pinks and purples silk/cotton

13 - 255cm $175

maroon silk/cotton with contrast of light blues and golds

14 -  207cm $140

pale pinks silk/cotton

15 - 250cm $115

soft maroons and blues silk/cotton

16 - 256cm $180

soft blues, pinks and yellows silk/cotton

17 - 250cm $235

soft greyish pinks and blues silk/cotton

18 - 255cm $140

merged blues and pinks

19 - 250cm $175

soft purples and yellows, plain soft deep pink silk/cotton

20A-268cm $185 20B-248cm $110

longer silk cotton length pinks and blues with dark blues movements

21 - 303cm $285

soft browny blues silk cotton

22 - 257cm $105

pinks and blues merged silk cotton

23 - 303cm $285

longer length silk cotton in pinks with contrast of reds and blue-greens

24 - 254cm $240

Textile design or painting?

The three fabric lengths (details shown, below) are five metres each in length. They could be used as  long wall hangings or suspended from a high ceiling as art pieces.

But they can also be cut up to make super cool and attractive clothing. I don't feel 'precious' about my art pieces being used for utilitarian purposes!

These three paintings (or fabric designs!) tell a story about the tropical climate where I live.

During the relatively dry winters, rivers in the 'outback' usually dry to chains of billabongs, which are only re-connected when it rains during the annual monsoon  or 'Wet' season during February, March and April.

Except on the humid coastal fringe, vegetation may be sparse, except along river courses, and the soil red in colour. Once the rains come, rivers and lakes swell and may break their banks, resulting in widespread, muddy flooding. Once those waters recede the country is refreshed and green, flowers bloom and animals, fish and insects rejoice!

The three images below depict these stages.

'Before the Wet' silk/cotton/dyes 5,000mm x 1140mm - $480

'During the Wet' silk/cotton, dyes, 5,000mm x 1140mm - $480

'After the Wet' silk/cotton, dyes, 5,000mm x 1140mm - $480

These fabric lengths are all 'one off' originals. They are 'free' designs, not repeats, which gives you the opportunity to make them into very special garments.

Each has a separate subject and was painted with fibre reactive dyes as one would paint a semi-abstract painting in oils, watercolour or acrylic paints. After drying, each painting was treated with an alkaline chemical to 'fix' the dyes before being thoroughly washed and rinsed.

All lengths may be washed in a washing machine on the ' delicates' cycle and ironed when damp on the silk setting.

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Silk cotton deep pinks and dull blues

30cm  $125

silk cotton - pinks with a touch of red

120cm $115

silk cotton - cool pinks and blues, red lines show movement

156cm  $145

'After the Wet' hanging in gallery

Part of 'After the Wet'

Detail from 'Beforethe Wet - orange and yellows with touch of greens and light blue

Detail from 'Before the Wet'

dull greys and soft browns or swirling water during the Wet season.

Detail from 'During the Wet'

The river widens in During the Wet

'During the Wet'

Bright greens, blues and splashes of red celebrate the aftermath of the Wet season.

Detail 'After the Wet'

Five metre long silk/cotton painting 'Before the Wet' begins.