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The e-newsletter, Perspectives, aims to bring you the latest in art-related news from tropical Australia. Depending on what news there is to share with you it will be sent every few months - occasionally more often. So your inbox won't be overburdened but you will stay in touch with the latest art news from tropical Australia.

Please let me know what you would like this newsletter to cover then have this up-to-the-minute information delivered to your email address. Stay in touch with exhibitions, new initiatives and artistic achievements in this part of the globe.

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This e news includes information about various exhibitions and workshops in the region. But if you don't tell me about them I may not know so be sure to use the 'YOUR pages' section on this website to publicise your event, or to fan the flames of controversy by airing your thoughts about art related matters.

If there is something in particular that you would like included in this newsletter, please suggest it in the "Comments" box on this page.

Are you,for example, interested in anecdotal type reporting - eg visits to artists' studios, general observations or even "troppo" stories?

Or would you like short technical articles such as "how to make a paper mache sculpture" and so on?

Are you on the look-out for news about photography contests; perhaps you want to know how to draw people or make detailed drawings of flowers?

Would you like to have information about up-coming exhibitions, find out about grants for artists or when the next art glass classes are available?

I would like this site to be one that you will enjoy re-visiting so would really appreciate your input!

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