Dream Stories and Universal Truths Inform Yoshiko Kirby's Paintings.

Yoshiko Kirby taps into dream stories to develop her artwork, using skilled acrylic painting techniques in her, usually, autobiographical narratives. It seems to me that traditional Japanese paintings, especially the flat style of Japanese silk paintings, influence the style and composition of her artwork.

But she says that she doesn’t really understand why she paints except that it is her means of communication, her language.

Dream Stories

Images just pop into her mind at odd times or during dreams. These dream stories and insights are also very emotional paintings, reflecting Yoshiko’s innermost thoughts and feelings. They come, unbidden, bringing truths from her subconscious mind and tapping into our collective consciousness.

Translating the meaning of dreams into a visual form, for Yoshiko, involves the use of symbols and almost always, the human figure, which often represents herself.

Toshiko Kirby 'Going Home With The Birds' acrylic on canvas'Going Home With The Birds' acrylic on canvas

“I am most comfortable whilst creating paintings, for I can both connect to my inner-most soul as well as communicate concepts to the viewers of my work”, she says.

“Because my first language is not English and because there seems to be no place for me in Japan, the country of my birth, the discovery of painting has given me a voice and a sense of belonging. I am addicted!”

Dream stories - language of the soul

Yoshiko’s first solo exhibition was in 2009 at Douglas Arts Base in Mossman, North Queensland, as part of the Go Troppo Arts Festival. It was wildly successful – a sell out! Since then she has been much in demand and has been involved in several exhibitions in the region.

Yoshiko Kirby 'Follow the Wind' acrylic, canvas'Follow the Wind' acrylic, canvas
Yoshiko Kirby 'Catching Dragonflies' acrylic, canvas'Catching Dragonflies' acrylic, canvas
Yoshiko Kirby 'Butterflies' acrylic, canvas'Butterflies' acrylic, canvas
Yoshiko Kirby 'The Gift' acrylic, canvas'The Gift' acrylic, canvas

Especially interested in psychological and philosophical themes, particularly those that have applied to her own life journey, Yoshiko understands the use of symbols in art and often employs them to express her meaning.

Her acrylic painting techniques are sometimes varied by the use of oil paints or charcoal when she is painting landscapes or still lifes or drawing people. Her figure drawing models are usually herself, her daughter and friends.

Yoshiko Kirby 'Going Home With The Birds 2' - acrylic on canvas'Going Home With The Birds 2' - acrylic on canvas

Often using a flat style with diagonal compositions, rather reminiscent of traditional Japanese paintings that so influenced many of the French Impressionists, Yoshiko expresses her feelings and draws on childhood memories for her subject matter.

From this position of story-telling and autobiographical detail, one could say that the conversation is flowing!

Girl in pink dress hangs blue washing on clothes lineMoment of the Future

Quite a few of the paintings shown on this page have been sold. However, if you are interested in purchasing one or more, don't let that discourage you. Yoshiko has more paintings available for viewing by appointment or photos can be emailed to you. Please just fill in the form, below.

Yoshiko Kirby 'Follow the Wind 2''Follow the Wind 2'
'Fortune Teller' acrylic, canvas'Fortune Teller' acrylic, canvas
'Shuffling Cards on a Full Moon Night' Yoshiko Kirby'Shuffling Cards on a Full Moon Night'
'Silence After' acrylic, canvas Yoshiko Kirby'Silence After' acrylic, canvas
Yoshiko Kirby 'Follow the Winds 1' acrylic, canvas'Follow the Winds 1' acrylic, canvas
Yoshiko Kirby 'Missing Pages' acrylic'Missing Pages' acrylic
Yoshiko Kirby 'Lisa 2''Lisa 2'
Yoshiko Kirby 'Lisa 3''Lisa 3'
'Lisa 4' acrylic, canvas'Lisa 4' acrylic, canvas

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