Douglas Arts Base

by Alison Gotts
(Cape Tribulation)

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Clay is such a tactile, malleable medium, that it's possible to make anything from a simple, hand-built pinch-pot to a sophisticated wheel-thrown porcelain piece - and everything in between! No matter who you are or what you like, everyone can make something beautiful from clay.

Enjoy experiencing the 'feel' of working with a range of different clays - smooth, fine, gritty, dark, and light, and learn how to make a variety of clay pieces with a range of decorative techniques and find a style that appeals to each person as an individual.
STARTS SAT 4TH AUGUST 1.30—4.30 pm
5 weeks—tutor Cheryl Coye

Begin your journey of artistic discovery using the versatility of acrylic paints. Learn about the medium of acrylic painting and experience the thrill of creating a finished artwork, while developing self confidence in your own capabilities as an artist. Beginners and students with some painting experience are welcome. Basic starter materials will be supplied. The painting surface for final work is provided by student.
STARTS WED 8TH AUGUST 6.30—9.30 pm
10 weeks—tutor Linda Ireland
Payment due 25th july

A true test of an artist is not how well they can paint…but how well they can draw. Those that draw well will naturally produce better art works because they know form, proportion and balance; all the things that drawing teaches. This course will introduce you to drawing fundamentals and build your skills, technique and confidence. Learn how to keep a visual diary and draw in it every day. Draw familiar subjects, keeping to simple shapes, with an emphasis on composition and design.
Explore and experiment with a variety of drawing mediums, working from a still life subject, and create a realistic drawing from a still life subject which is refined over two sessions through to completion.
STARTS WED 4TH AUGUST 1.30—4.30 pm
5 weeks—tutor Ross Bannister payment due 25th July

Originating in France and characterised by a concern with depicting the visual impression of the moment, it was the art of spontaneity, sunlight and colour seeking to capture a feeling or experience, rather than an accurate depiction.

Learn the painting styles, techniques and subject matter of the impressionists, their use of brush strokes, colour, composition and light. Construct a painting from freely brushed colours that take precedence over lines and contours to achieve a play of light expressed in bright and varied colours. Learn to view the subject, rather than delineating the details of the subject to create the form. Explore the transient effects of sunlight by painting in the outdoors 'en plain air', weather permitting.

Be the impressionist and wear a wide brimmed hat. Create an impressionist painting from the one subject, applying your own individual style and technique over two sessions.
5 weeks—tutor Ross Bannister payment due 25th July

Modern mosaics combine traditional techniques with different materials many of which are recycled such as broken china and mirrors, tile off-cuts, stones, shells and other found objects. Mosaics can be used to decorate and beautify just about anything, bringing new life to old objects or being fine pieces of art in their own right. This course will cover basic techniques by working on and creating your own individual mosaic project/s. If you already have something in mind please bring it with you.
STARTS SAT 11TH AUGUST 1.30—4.30 pm
5 weeks—tutor Sam Matthews payment due 25th July

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