Tania Heben's Quality Digital Fine Art Prints on Canvas or Paper.

Digital fine art prints either on canvas or on paper are a great compromise if you really want original paintings but may not be able to afford them at present.

Tania's giclee art prints are in small editions, each checked and compared carefully by the artist against the originals for colour consistency and quality.

children pick mangoes for sale at their roadside stallChildren pick ripe mangoes for sale at their roadside stall.

Meticulous attention to detail and the use of the highest quality materials and methods are hallmarks of Tania's printer, Lee Middleton, from High Scan in Cairns. Lee prides himself on the long-lasting and superior quality of his work and materials.

Artist and printer work together to produce beautifully finished digital fine art prints, which are crisp and true to the colour of the originals.

To own one of Tania's giclee art prints is the next best thing to owning an original...and at a fraction of the price!

Tidal pools at YulePoint near Port Douglas reflect blue oceean and mountains as children search for shells and seafood.Yule Point south of Port Douglas, at low tide

Subjects of Tania's digital fine art prints are the stunning tropical landscapes, backed by the brooding mountains and the colorful yet relaxed lifestyles of its inhabitants.

Some of them are brand new, others 'tried and true' favourites.

All limited edition giclee art prints on paper or canvas are guaranteed to have been made using the highest quality materials and workmanship.

For a giclee definition and a description of the process please click here .

The purple-blue of a jackaranda tree in flower shades and frames a Queenslander house.Another of Tania's popular giclee art prints, 'The Jacaranda Tree'

Digital fine art prints celebrate the beauty of the mountains, beaches and lifestyle in this tropical rainforest climate.

Tania paints the romantic lifestyle and scenery of North Queensland, from tropical beaches, flowering tropical trees and sugar plantations to rugged mountains, blue and purple as they merge into the distance.

Her art prints have been used extensively in Port Douglas and Cairns resorts, so if you have holidayed in the area chances are that you may have seen a few of them before.

If you would like to purchase a discount art print of these paintings , you will be pleasantly surprised at how very inexpensive it is.

Printed on good quality paper, these reproduction poster prints roll up into a postage tube, which Tania will happily send to you.

This is also the case for her giclee art prints on either etching paper or canvas.

Large boulders in Mossman Gorge are reflected in the green water.The cool, green waters of Mossman Gorge's shady swimming holes

To see the full range of Tania's digital fine art prints or her 'cheap and cheerful' tropical poster prints please visit her website.

Beach goers enjoy the blue waters of Palm Cove looking across to Double IslandPalm Cove beach, looking towards Double Island

Once you have received your giclee art print or poster reproduction you will be able to have it framed to suit your style - simple and elegant usually being the best!

Details from some of Tania's art prints

View from the hill in Port Douglas looking south along Four Mile Beach
Vista of green pasture with small plantation house in the foreground
Fiji Islander with red hibiscus in his hair looks through coconut palms to a small hut on the beach.
Children climb a mango tree, collecting mangoes for their mother, watching from nearby house.
View across the inlet in Port Doglas, the old courthouse building in the foreground
Saint Mary's church in the evening, lights shining from its windows

Tania Heben fine art giclees and art posters

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