Terry Johnson’s Decorative Wall Tiles Add a New Dimension to his Work.

These new decorative wall tiles highlight details of Terry Johnson’s paintings and drawings of flowers and birds, of the seaside, the bush, colourful fish and of people enjoying themselves.

As well as observations of Nature the tiles include more spiritual forays into what makes us happy – there’s even a series of paintings and drawings of angels!

Selection From Bird Series

Orange Bird  tile 20 cm square

'Orange Bird' (10 cm square)

'In Flight' - white bird flying farmhouse and hills in the distance

'In Flight' (10cm square)

Seagulls tile 10 cm square

'Seagulls' (10 cm square)

Robin' - orange bird on yellow background

'Robin' (10 cm square)

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Botany and having, as a young man, worked with his grandfather in his landscape gardening business, Terry’s interest in his garden of flowering plants and trees, inhabited by chirping birds, is understandable.

To me, Terry is a romantic, whose view on life is reflected in his paintings of those aspects of it which make him happy.

Fish, Flowers and Fruit

Three red fish hang in window looking out to sea, chair and bowl of fruit in the foreground

'Three for Lunch' (21cm x 29.5cm)

'Washed Ashore' - red fish hung up to dry by woman in blue dress

'Washed Ashore' (21cm x 29.5cm)

'Obelisk' (21cm x 29.5cm)

'Water Music' (21cm x 29.5cm)

Thinking about the subjects of his paintings, he says “I love to be digging in the dirt. Subject matter often comes from my own garden or is discovered on bush walks and botanic adventures. I feel a sense of communication with my garden, a flow of energy that I can translate into my artwork.”

Using these images, the tiles (10cm or 20cm square and 21cm x 29.5 cm ), made of plaster so they have a ‘fresco’, homely look, can fit into various types of décor, from contemporary to rustic, beachside or traditional. Inexpensive to purchase, they are finished with a crackle glaze, which has been ‘antiqued’, thus adding interest.

Tiles on this page were photographed before being glazed, crackled, antiqued and varnished. An example of a finished tile may be seen at the bottom of this page, just after the gossipy chooks.


three mini tiles featuring flowers and birds

'Chirps' - Tiny tiles (each 10cm square)

Ideal for decorating small spaces they also look spectacular hung as a group or arranged on stands on shelves or other furniture.

Because these decorative wall tiles are themed around subjects they appeal to the collector, so if that interests you, keep an eye out for new additions to each series. What fun you will have!

They also make ideal gifts – if you can bear to part with them!

Gossip - black and white roosters and hens with bright red combs and wattles gather in green grass for an animated chat.

'Gossip' (29.5 cm x 21 cm)

'Goin' Troppo' finished decorative wall tile (29.5cm x 21cm)

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Various subjects 21 cm x 29.5cm

Bay Watch - dinghys and boatshed in foreground, the turquoise bay and headland beyond

Claire's Garden - white chairs and table laden with fruit and plants in the foreground

Clown Fishing clown in blue ad white striped outfit has fish hanging from his headgear

Hanging out at Saint Marys - fish, umbrellas, white church on the inlet

Beach Shack - shack on edge of the beach, fish hanging in trees, umbrella and fishing floats, seagulls in front

20 cm square

Tropical Blues - blue fish and pale blue hibiscus in aqua water

'Hot Dogs' - dogs sunbathe on th ebeach or sail on the ocean.

Day's Catch -colourful fish hung on line above dinghys

More Chirps 10 cm square

Chirp - blue irises

Chirp - two small birds on twigs of white flowering bush

Shore Bird'yellow and white bird in scrub