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by: admirer

I have enjoyed your landscape paintings, all so wonderful.

You attest that you do not like to paint portraits, yet you did a fabulous with baby baby. And although Peyton is a dog, again an outstanding rendering.

Then this challenge to paint your grandson and bride n their wedding day is a real revelation of what you are capable of doing.

Waiting for more from those talented hands of yours and that brain of yours, seems no challenge actually stops you.

You achieved perfection
by: Anonymous

You do quite well as a portrait painter, and with your fabulous landscapes, this is beautiful.

And how you treated hat beautiful gown, which appears to be lace, is superb. It is almost as though it is in 3D. I can see the folds and the shadows in the dress, and that is most commendable.

I'm sure the couple will cherish the beautiful painting.

You have accomplished creating a most memorable painting.

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