Creative Art Ideas Flourish

Creative art ideas now have time to grow and flourish as we stay at home during the Covid19 world pandemic.

What a relief it must be for many to not have to leap out of bed and rush off to jobs or to busy themselves with the many chores that seemed to be so important at the time.

The world, as we knew it, has changed but, with enforced isolation comes opportunities and time to observe, reflect, contemplate - and experiment.

Experiment with creative art ideas

If you know that you have time and no restrictions about what you do in a creative sense, you will be able to play. Play with shapes, thoughts, line and colour. 

'Take a line for a walk' and see where it goes and what it encounters on its journey.

Have you ever wondered how children are able to make spontaneous and engaging paintings without prior planning? Could it be that their creative souls are just having fun playing?

What you play around with is your business and there is no need to show anyone else (but it would be great if you feel like sharing with us!).

Creative development

One of my favourite courses which I invented and enjoy presenting is called 'Creative Development' and follows principles of design, sometimes, I like to think, without students being aware of the theory behind the play until we discuss it later.

But if theory interests you or Curiosity wants you to investigate, check out this page.

Was that worth the read? I hope so.

What will your involvement be in our joint creative play?

As you slow down, pause and reflect, you are able to adjust your state of mind.

Even if you work from home during this pandemic you will most likely have more time at  your disposal. Do you see this as an opportuity to investigate and respond to subjects that have interested you but for which you could not, previously, devote time?

You now have the freedom to do as you please!

Everyone is an artist

Whether or not you have practised as an artist (in two or more dimensions) everyone has an innate creative ability. If you doubt that, think back to your childhood and some of the fun activities that you engaged with.

Find that 'child within'!

Ready to go looking? Grab some paint and brushes (or use your fingers), a lump of clay, your camera, coloured pencils, charcoal, glue, paper, sand, fabric, thread, cooking ingredients - and let's start!

Want to share?

When you are ready please upload 3 or4 of your paintings/scribbles/masterpieces below then write 400-500 words about the journey of discovery that you traversed. It is mostly words that attract the search engines so please give them what they want!

There is space for comment so please keep a lookout for others' postings and offer them encouragement.

Do share...

....your creative art ideas?

Have you been playing around with art ideas, experimenting and having fun at the same time? Share with us all?

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Social Media

In addition to sharing this page widely amongst your friends via email and word-of-mouth (telephone!) please share via social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, both excellent vehicles for images and videos.

The Port Douglas Artists Inc group has set up pages for your interaction here:

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Some background info about Port Douglas Artists here. All welcome to join!

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