Corporate Gifts Australia Helps You to Impress Your Clients.

Corporate Gifts Australia will take your fledgling ideas and develop them, in consultation with leading tropical artists and artisans, into personalised business gifts that will thrill your clients.

Do you have an idea that you would like to develop into a custom designed artwork as a special gift for your special clients? They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Corporate Gifts Australia (VIP Gifts) has been arranging custom designed executive corporate gifts for many years.

Usually our clients are companies who wish to reward their top executives and sales staff by giving them a holiday in a beautiful place in Australia. They look to us to suggest gift ideas for those hard-working people as part of their tropical holiday experience.

Popular Incentive Group Destinations

Various areas in Australia have their attractions, with Sydney, Alice Springs, Cairns, the Gold Coast and Port Douglas being amongst the most popular destinations for groups.

Group sizes vary from maybe a dozen to several hundred delegates.

An incentive trip is usually a reward for hard work and delegates are happy to 'kick back' and enjoy all that these fabulous destinations have to offer. As part of the package, a considered, quality gift that reflects something of the area visited is a compliment that guests will remember with pleasure.

Great Barrier Reef glass plateGreat Barrier Reef glass plate

The most appreciated gifts are those, chosen with thought and care, which reflect the destination or the ideals of the company in a subtle way.

Here a glass plate reflects the Great Barrier Reef experience of one group.

Corporate Gifts Australia - Holiday Gift Ideas

These days logo branding and promotional items are not so popular, as delegates often prefer quality, original gifts, which are truly a souvenir (memory) of their fantastic holiday. Even such practical gift solutions as coffee gift baskets or wine gift baskets are enthusiastically received, but most appreciated seems to be the gift that is developed especially for a group or person.

Then there's the thought of giving an experience...

Art Glass birdsArt Glass birds
Wine gobletsWine goblets

Glass paperweights or wine glasses, silk scarves or wraps remind the wearer of the riotous colour and abundance of tropical flowers at his or her holiday destination.

An original painting, print, art glass piece, sensuous silk scarf or sculpture is, without doubt, the best compliment that a host can pay his or her guest. It is also one that keeps on giving pleasure after it is installed on the office wall or desk and is remarked upon for years to come.

See this new site for luxurious Made in Australia silk scarf ideas.

Gingers pure silk scarfGingers pure silk scarf

Which corporate gift idea will you choose?

"Oh, yes, that was a gift from my company when they took a few select staff members on a fabulous trip to the Great Barrier Reef," they might say with pride - as they remember you!

If you are looking for original corporate holiday gift ideas, please contact Corporate Gifts Australia via the form below and we will be happy to make some suggestions or turn your concepts into reality.

The thought that goes into developing just the right gift will be appreciated and remembered, but we understand that sometimes you could do with a little extra help in that process!

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Suggested gifts:

Jill Booth, pure silk wrap, 'Ginger Flowers''Gingers' pure silk wrap
Tania Heben, 'The View' - Port Douglas inlet with church and sugar wharfTania Heben 'The View', print on paper
Tania Heben, 'Canvas in the Wind, Port Douglas beach sailing sceneTania Heben 'Canvas in the Wind'
Judith Bohm-Parr, 'Blue Flowers' fused and slumped glass plate'Blue Flowers' glass plate - Judith Bohm-Parr
Judith Bohm-Parr, glass plate, 'Frangipani'Glass Plate 'Frangipani' by Judith Bohm-Parr
Ola Hoglund, blown glass vase, 'Reef''Reef' - Ola Hoglund