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by: Anonymous

You have not been to Australia yet depict a scene so real and all the details, even foot prints in the sand.

My Sunday School told me a story [years ago] about footprints in the sand. Something about only one set.
"And I was carrying you" was the explanation the teacher explained.
That story was awakened just by looking at your painting.
You inspire people, Ted.

by: Anonymous

Every time you enter our store I see you head for the paints of an Australian company.

I asked why you always choose that particular paint and you remarked that "I can wake up this paint the next day". You later explained what wake up meant.

I thought, by wake up, you meant it allows you to recall things of your past. You later explained wake up as to the working properties of the paint when you work with it the following day.

I like to think of "wake up" as your recollection of things from your past. Your painting are so real.

Thanks for the tour and the art lesson.

a thank you
by: Anonymous

Always the subtle detail that make this artist's paintings unique.

His research is apparent in all his paintings.

I don't have to go to a museum with this apparent beauty available right in my home.

A huge thank you to the artist and to the one who arranges this beautiful setting to display these works.

by: Apprecitive

Most people paint a sea shore scene and just show sand and water.

BUT! - here is an artist that incorporates details. A simple thing of footprints tells a story in itself.

Such order and detail is to be complimented.

I enjoyed the tour of this entire collection here. Will save as favorites and visit again, hoping to see more from this talented artist.


by: Anonymous

From the direction of the footprints they must be the artists. I did a bit of detective sleuthing like I see on TV, and from the shape of them, it must have been the artists.

But the other prints must have been going around him while he was painting.

by: Anonymous

Such realism , and in a painting no less.

Such talent has to be commended.

foot prints?
by: Anonymous

Love this painting. sand and the sea. the palms in the distance. Birds, always birds along water's edge. And of course boats.

Did I detect a light house in the distance? I know Ted loves light houses as I heard said he has painted more that a dozen of them.

The sky is beautiful, those wispy clouds, indicating a pleasant day.

But the footprints? Are they coming or going? Are they the painters who arrived at that place?

I am no critic, but these are my observations as I studied this picture for a long time. Thanks for the wonderful mini-vacation.

I want to go wading
by: Anonymous

Just looking at this beautiful scene rouses the child in me. I want to go wading in that beach. Such realism in a painting, and it is not a photograph.

Such talented fingers and hands to show such a view. The boats, or ships and the birds all make it so real I can just imagine walking in and getting my feet wet.

Thank you for the nice walk.

by: Mr. Amateur

I call my self Mr. Amateur because I am an amateur and will never be able to paint such as this beautiful scene. And since I do not have a title I added Mr.

You have a way of showing realism in this painting. I feel as though I see action in the waves rolling in, the footprints, the boats in the distance. You have a talent that I admire.

And all this you saw from a photograph. The photographer also has a talent that captures such a vivid scene and makes me feel the excitement of the moment.

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the "vacation tour".

I could literally feel I was walking along that beach. The portrayal is perfect. Water and waves, sky, boats and birds. But footprints! You have covered all the fine points.

Thank you
by: Lucinda

Ted your painting is great! It looks so real. Thank you for sending me your painting it was very kind of you.

Very Beautiful
by: Anne Mueller

Makes me want to go there!

Kind thought
by: JIll

Ted, what a kind thought and generous action to give Lucinda your lovely little painting of her photograph.

It has been framed and the surprise gift duly presented. She was delighted and is writing to you with some pics of the 'unveiling'.

now I see it
by: your friendly store clerk

You buy all kinds of paints from our store. When I asked what you paint, your reply was landscapes.

Now I see your landscapes. Boats and birds. But I am especially impressed with the footprints in the sand. You have the utmost regard for detail.

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