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me too
by: Anonymous

I also lived about a mile from Columbus Park - Chicago, and many a summer's day spent care free hours riding my bicycle around the park. I remember the falls.

Thanks for the wonderful trip in my past from the 1940's. I remember this waterfall,it fed into a lagoon where there used to be rental row boats. All boats gone for years, but you woke up my memories.
Thank you for the return trip to my care free years.

Columbus Park waterfall
by: RushMan

I can't recall ever seeing the waterfall, and can only remember my father taking us to this park once. I was probably only 6 or 7 years old at the time and we went walking through the woods. I found a discarded plastic model airplane in the woods, and that is all I remember of that visit, so it is wonderful to see this site in all its glory via Ted's painting.

by: Anonymous

How does this artist achieve such realism?

The rocks are so real, the water in its fall or is it a cascade. I can feel the spray, smell the coolness of the scene.

Now back to today. What a let down after this great scene.

my childhood
by: Anonymous

This painting brought back memories of my youth.

I also spent many a HOT summer day at Columbus Park when I was a teenager. I rode around trough the park, never realizing there was such a beautiful waterfall within the park.

I'm now in my 80's and I returned to this wonderful place of my youth. Arrived by motor car since I don't ride a bike too well anymore.

I stood at the base of this waterfall and was able to recall those wonderful care free days from my past. Thank you for a wonderful trip to my past. I did not have the energy to climb the falls, but "I was there".

Thank you thank you !

by: Anonymous

I looked up this Chicago park, went there and was disappointed. All the trees were bare, no greenery.

Guess it was my fault going there in the fall expecting to see this same scene. BUT - I shall return again and see it is its splendor as shown here. But every tree is/was in its place as shown here. Beautiful rendition.

I was able to imagine the beauty the artist saw when he created this lovely scene. Such inspiration is to be commended.

thank you
by: hospital person

When I received a card at the hospital with this address I had no idea of the beautiful paintings I would be seeing.

It was like a trip to the Art Institute from the comfort of my chair. I had no idea of the sheer pleasure I would get looking at each of your pictures.

Someone is going to inherit a fortune when these paintings are finally marketed. And so generous you have been in the past with all you have "donated" to a cause.

Blessing to you and your continued use of God's gift.

by: Anonymous

After looking at the picture of the painting, I also went to Columbus Park to see the actual waterfall. So accurately was it painted, I know why the artist liked this place.

I too had a cooling drink from the 'fall, just as the artist did. So cool and refreshing as it was a hot day, I experienced the same satisfaction as Ted did.

I hope the Chicago park district compensates him somehow for his contribution. This place is lovely and Ted conveyed the feeling of this particular place so beautifully. My commendation and recommendation that Chicago parks acquire this painting for display for many to see also.

Thank You - my applause for you
by: MARK

I spent an entire evening at this WEB site and read every descriptive word of Ted's with each painting.

Then I marveled after reading others comments after they had viewed this artist's beautiful representations of such exquisite places.

Apparently Ted is a well traveled person, but I was most impressed with his research for each of his paintings.
I have to add my complementary dialogue also.

Actors receive applause for a performance. I hope Ted can hear my personal applause for a most enjoyable evening I spent reveling at each stupendous painting. I saw them all without tiring myself with a walk in a museum. This site is a museum in itself. My compliments to its creator.

by: Anonymous

I had to see for myself. There is actually this beautiful waterfall, and right here in one of Chicago's local City Parks.

It was a hot day and I climbed to the top of the falls, reached my hand into the cool water and enjoyed such a refreshing drink of the cool water.

Now I too have memories of a wonderful place, and I can look back at this painting and sigh I was there too.

Saw It
by: Anonymous

I saw this painting and was so ispired that I drove the expressway and had a look for myself.

So accurately you painted it, water in motion, just as I saw it too.

I even had a drink from the from the fountain myself. It was so cool and it was a hot day. Very refreshing, just as Ted describes it.

by: Anonymous

Surely this has to be sent someplace for an exhibition, or to a gallery so it can be viewed by the public.

Oh! such realism from this gifted artist.

I must see this waterfall in person since it is so exquisitely shown here. I have chills looking at this picture, because it is so calming, if that makes any sense.

by: Anonymous

Such beautiful memories and to be able to paint them is fantastic way to record and share. Almost better than a foto.

Now I have to drive to Columbus Park and see for myself this fantastic waterfall.

Thanks for sharing.

by: Anonymous

It is even more beautiful in person!

by: admirer

Some have a mis-spent vacation, but you paint from memories. SO, I would not say you qualify a mis-spent as you so aptly apply yourself.

And recalling such vivid memories with such beauty. You apply yourself well.

Beautifully executed, Ted.

Anxiously waiting to see more of your beautiful work.

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