COLOURSArtworks by Deirdre Whiteley

by Deirdre Whiteley
(Port Douglas QLD Australia)

BLUE - Mixed Media on canvas 37x37cm

BLUE - Mixed Media on canvas 37x37cm

"COLOURS" is a series of artworks influenced by my love of colour and affinity with nature. I love colour and am excited by experimentation. I see things around me - just simple things and I can see a life emerging in them. This is often my first instigation for a piece of work.

"From the time I was young I have always wanted to have art in my life. For a number
of reasons, I was not able to follow a desire to study art at university level having
looked into a variety of courses. In the nineties I participated in a watercolour course
which was for 2 x hours a week for 6 x weeks, making me realise that, at some stage
during my life,I needed to pursue art on a more fuller scale. End 2009/2010 at
DAB Mossman gave me the platform I needed.

I have no desire to create work that is realistic. Experimenting with colour, texture,
ideas, paint and some mixed media really excites me. I have many ideas "floating" around in my head as to what I want to create. Trees have been one of my main
inspirations - and not the leaves but rather the trunk, vines etc - and I have had fun
experimenting with many different approaches. But all pieces seem to be vibrant, energetic and complex.

Sometimes, when I create something that is mixed media, I will pick up a piece of
"something" that appeals to me - it might be because of its shape, colour, texture
or what it symbolises to me. From here I will "create" a piece of work and it will often
develop along the way. I may initially have my "story" worked out, but sometimes it
will "evolve" as I go. Even when I aim to do something "simple", it inevitably ends up
being much more complex.

Paint is always exciting for me - there is so much you can do with it! I work with
acrylics and often apply them thickly or use translucent washes. Colour - I love
colour! I enjoy working out my colour schemes - that is probably the most "ordered"
part of my work".

Assemblage sculpture is a form of art that I naturally aspire to as well - especially
using any old bits of rubbish ..... watch this space!"

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Well Done Deirdre!
by: Ross Bannister

This is great to see your work posted on ATA. I love your strong colour sense and contemporary graphic style. Can't wait to see more of your work, keep it coming! Best to you...Ross

I look too
by: Ted E. Mueller

I will gaze upon a scene and visualize how it will look on a canvas. Then as I start, I begin to see other things within it. And then another.

I enjoy looking at the Sunday newspaper "travel" section. A venerable source of inspiration Sometimes I place the paper on the floor and forming my fingers into a square or rectangle visualize a portion or the whole as a canvas. And it goes from there.

Look at my pages in tropical Australia as:

[dot] com/ted-muellers-story.html

I too enjoy color, but I am a realist so I'm drawn to landscapes.

Go do it
by: Inger

You just have so many ideas for so much good artwork. I hope you will eventually have the time to really 'get into it'.

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