Collage Landscapes Through Mixed Media Collage Art

Using collage landscapes motivates Cara Stevens to collect and use shells, twigs, bark, coral, seeds, fish scales and insects. For this artist, the use of mixed media collage art and colour in her acrylic landscape painting has become second nature.

Cara StevensCara Stevens

I chatted to Cara at the Port Douglas markets, where she and her husband, Josh, and young son were happily enjoying their location near the water’s edge, protected by a few shady trees.

Her small abstract landscape paintings, usually derived from photographs and sketches of the beautiful area in which she lives, often employ collage as an extra dimension and for textural effect.

long, flat paneldivided into landscape and seascape referencesLandscape/Seascape

Framed in local timbers by Josh, these small artworks are highly collectible and are a reminder of the immediacy of the tropical landscape, seen through the personal experience of collecting.

This activity is one that most of us can relate to but Cara, using highly developed collage techniques, manages to collate her findings in such a way that the results become brilliant reminders of various aspects of ocean, mountains, jungle, scrub or desert.

'Yule Point' - tiny square snapshots of beach, ocean and shells, arranged in a long stripYule Point

It would be rather impractical for Cara to transport her larger works to the markets but it is through her large abstract landscape paintings that the textural quality of the Australian landscape is given full expression and can be really appreciated.

'Land Study' - rust coloured, textural abstractLand Study

Cara, a university visual arts graduate, has been successfully involved in a number of group exhibitions. She is happy to accept commissions from clients who would like to acquire just that perfect piece for their homes or offices. Cara Stevens is at quite an early stage in her career and it will be interesting to see how she develops as an artist…watch this space…or the Port Douglas markets!

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