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by: realist

I've read comments about this mill, and I agree with them all. In fact, I id a double take when I went back to the picture and checked if the area in front of my computer was still dry.

My humor, because many are right when they revealed their imagination let them hear the sound of water,
and they are so right. Ted does have that talent that releases ones imagination. Some take a walk, others hear the water.

It bears out the saying, "Stop and smell the flowers". Well Ted can sure open up ones senses, and that is a rare talent.

by: Anonymous

This is so real. The tree in the foreground seems to leap out of the painting. The silica sand add to the paint is a build up layering - stupendous.
The vivid red of the mill and all the windows.
The water in motion - flowing
AND - that sky
All pefect.

water anyone
by: mill lover

I looked and looked and suddenly I hear water running, no, make that flowing as over the dam. It was so real sounding to me. Then I came back to realism. I had to go to the kitchen and run some water just to get back to reality.

Looking at this painting I could literally hear the sounds of running water. And this mill is so much like a mill in one of Chicago's suburbs.

Thanks for the trip back in time. You are a realist and this is such a perfect reminder of the world around us.

Had to add this: The security word at the bottom of this comment, before sending is "SQUIRT".
How quaint.

Photograph ?
by: Anonymous

Tell me it is not a photo. There is so much detail, and the tree in the left foreground is just sooooooooooooooooooooo real.

Someone has a beautiful museum piece that is all theirs and I envy them.

Bright & Cheerful
by: Arle

I love the warmth of this picture. I can feel the warm sun shining so bright on the red mill building. Also reminds me of a visit to an old mill in Indiana.

It just makes me smile.

by: Laura

What a bright, cheerful picture! It is so detailed and yet simplistic!

by: Anonymous

Such great work.

exact - precise - trees
by: Anonymous

You are so exacting. So precise in your details. And trees that stand out. So original.

by: Jenn


by: Charles

Ted, your sense of perspective is fantastic.

Attention to details is amazing. You must have had an architectural background to be aware of such small details that you so aptly show in this painting.

You have captured the motion of the water over the dam - even the turbulent water flowing away from the mill wheel.

Then the reflections in the water of the trees above the dam.

Exquisite! Museum quality works from your brushes.

You must have had a fantastic instructor/teacher. And then you invent 3D for foreground objects.

by: Anonymous

Your realism in paintings is amazing.

Now you have created a new 3D effect that seems to make the painting more alive than ever.

What next from those gifted ideas you create?

I only wish I could see all your paintings in one location, or one access site.

Are you planning an exhibit soon? I want to see more.

Clinton Mill 2
by: RushMan

Of all your paintings, this is my all time favorite. I love the bright colors, and the textured tree is really unique. It is a shame that the 3-D texturing could not be captured in a photo or scan of this painting.
Maybe it would be too biased saying that I enjoy looking at your painting of the mill more than looking at the real mill near where I work.


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