Children's Art Projects - sculpture, painting for kids, or other fun activities.

Children's art projects are usually spontaneous, lively and exciting and the results are often the envy of adult artists.

To achieve the freshness and energy of child artists isn't so easy for adults, who may have a lifetime of self-criticism to conquer before they can get the creative 'juices' to flow.

To see the world through the eyes of a child is to re-discover joys and wonders sometimes forgotten in the "real" world of adult concerns.

Most children are fantastic artists. Unfortunately, when they grow up many forget how to paint and draw with energy and spontaneity. They become worried about what others may think about their artwork. They fuss about, agonizing over whether they have got it all "just right".

Children's art projects - sculpture, painting...

This page is dedicated to children's art, whether that is sculpture, drawing or finger painting for kids. 

For parents and teachers, please encourage your childrens art projects so that they are able to express themselves with paint, clay or whatever comes to hand.

The operative word is "encourage", which means that you provide the materials and working space, maybe discuss what it is that they are thinking about making, then leave them to it (of course, they have to clean up afterwards!).

I must admit that childrens art projects and the well-meaning interference of adults in children's art activities is a bit of a hobby-horse for me, stemming from my training as an art teacher. But please, never - repeat - never ever try to make your children paint or draw like little adults.

To do so implies criticism and is the surest way to stifle creativity, thereby possibly inhibiting your beautiful child's emotional growth.

I will go even further and ask you to never allow anyone else, however well-intentioned, to do so. Do not "help" the child with his/her artwork by imposing your ideas and painting sections for them.

I never touch an adult's work, either, although I might make suggestions or demonstrate elsewhere. The work is theirs and I would feel that I were invading their personal space should I do so.

See what these kids have been doing!

So you think that your children are creative, talented and capable? Of course they are!

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