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mussic - songs
by: Anonymous

Such realism. I began to stare, then a song came to mind.

I could hear Judy Garland singing "Clang Clang went The Trolley".

You inspire peoples imagination, and even with SOUNDS.

I grew up in Chicago when they had such trolleys, and their mark on the side was CSL for "Chicago Surface Lines."

Your paintings send people on dream trips, and that is another talent you can be proud of.

Resounding Thank You
by: Anonymous

I would hope that some day you receive a thank you from the New Orleans family that received this painting.

I see so many of your paintings given as gifts, but so few reciprocate with a simple thank you.

Reminds me of my Sunday School Days. Many received gifts from our Lord Jesus and few responded with a recorded "Thank You".

My viewing your paintings was a gift, and I am responding with a "THANK YOU."

another gift
by: Anonymous

I was informed that in December 2014 Ted donated this beautiful illustration of a by gone era to New Orleans for a Katrina family to receive when their replacement home is completed.

Always a gift giver.

I'd gladly like to be on your gift list.

Excuse my pun.

Favorite Piece
by: Stephanie - Direct

The title of my comment is a little inaccurate. I really couldn't pick a favorite piece, Ted. This one brought strong memories and emotion to my mind and heart. Thank you for sharing your work with me. It is delightful and excellent.

by: Renee

This one is really neat.

by: Jackie

I like this one very much!

memory trip
by: Anonymous

I grew up in Chicago and this reminds me of the street cars I used to ride as a youngster, (not to reveal my age.) But they are long gone and replaced with stinky buses.

We used to call them RED ROCKETS. Not because they were so fast but we meant red 'rock-its' because they were so rough and bouncy on the uneven tracks. And the motormen had to stand in the front at the controls. AND - when a car was in front of him on the tracks he had a bell that he had to stomp on to ring. Oft times accompanied by $$@%&* language.

Thanks to Ted for this memory trip

Lets take a ride.
by: Arle

This is a beautiful painting. Could almost climb on for a ride through the city.

by: Anonymous

Such realism from this man is unbelievable. I could almost hear the clang-clang. Then my mind was off and the song "Clang Clang went the trolley".

Another memorable trip with this artist's painting.

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