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The Best For Cairns
by: Mouse

The Best For Cairns

by Mouse

As a local born and bred in Cairns, my blood were pioneers in cattle,timber and tobacco,who built this beautiful place I call home.I wish old Joh B.Petersen was immortal so is to stop all you southerners coming up and trying to change what was a thriving community that did not have to depend on tourism alone and spoiling our tropical far north.

Our tobacco has gone, our timber industry has stopped and our cattle industry is struggling and what does that say! Progress eh!

I think $40 million dollars would be better spent on more important things such as getting rid of that bad smell on the Access road and fixing the Access road and making more ways than one getting in and out of Cairns,overpasses etc, especially south.

So you can all go back home on our goat trail of a highway that actually bring you's here. There should only be local people who know what the North Needs allowed to go for Council.

What is wrong with The Tanks? what a lovely setting. What more do you want? You's are spoiling our northern heritage! Go South no-one will care!

Concerned Citizen
by: Shane

First thing is that I am not opposed to the idea of a new modern Art Centre.

I am however very concerned about the lack of information available to the public on how it is going to be paid for and the cost of running it. The recently released report that it is going to cost 8 million a year to run and the rate payers will have to cover that with higher rates does not go down with me at all.

I think that we really need to look at why it is going to cost so much to run and maybe come up with a business plan that is far more affordable and modify what we build to suit that plan.

So in the end my position is that I want to see some real facts on the costs to the ratepayers and what is proposed and then have the option of casting a vote on the issue.I think that vote should be restricted to the Cairns ratepayers as it is us that will have to wear the cost of this centre for a long time if the current proposal goes ahead.

by: Vanessa

Dear stakeholder,

You are invited to attend the upcoming Cairns Entertainment Precinct committee meeting.

We recognise that you have been an important part of the process and would like you to stay involved.

The meeting will provide Councillors, staff and members of the community an update on the status of the project as well as a determination on Council?s financial commitment to the project.

Your attendance would be greatly valued and feel free to forward this invitation on to anyone you think may wish to come along.

WHEN: 2pm, Wednesday, 21 September

WHERE: CRC Chambers, Level 3, 119-145 Spence Street, Cairns

Yes and No
by: Bevjoy

Yes, I am in favour of a new Civic Theatre.

NO!! I am not in favour of the present council's plans.
We should have had an upgraded Civic Theatre years ago but with this council hellbent on ruining the Cairns council's budget for years to come, I am totally against the present plans.

Get a theatre which will seat 1,000 people with decent backstage and front of theatre facilities.

Cairns is not going to attract the thousands that these people keep telling us. They must live with the fairies down the back of the garden.

When other cities can build beautiful theatres for a fraction of the proposed cost of this one, why can't Cairns do the same?

The other worry is the person who is overseeing this project. She obviously has ruined another city with cost blowouts - so why would she do any different for this city? She will be here today, gone tomorrow.

We can't afford the art center until the Cairns economy picks up!
by: John Green

The people of Cairns want a leader that will keep one thing in mind "The immediate economy of our city" and with every new or proposed project ask themselves ?will this bring tourists and money to town now?

They should re visit all current expenditure and projects [yes that would include the current works programs and staff levels] and scrub any that don?t have an immediate and positive effect on the town.

Ask any businessman, they?re all hurting and they need action NOW!

The funds for the proposed new arts center, which is over a year away, if its gets the thumbs up, could be massaged [yes it could be done with the state and federal funds with the right leader] to other areas that would show a quicker impact on the city?s businesses.

IE Dredge the river to allow more cruise ships, clean up the CBD properly, come up with a plan to incentive landlords to accept a lower rent so that the CBD has less missing teeth [vacant shops]

A new caravan park with water views in the Esplanade precinct [possibly down the far Northern Grey] for grey nomads & backpackers.

Consider a light electric road & boardwalk tram [like Darling Harbor] from the Botanical Gardens to the cruise terminal.

Let?s get Cairns going again, we can if we apply what little funds that are available [and not borrow] to the best advantage.

Mayor ?keep your eye on improving the local economy NOW and in the short term in every decision you make so we can get out of this hole, then we can look at other projects that have benefit mainly for the local residents?

John Green Cairns CBD 0417044445

Pensioner and Ratepayer
by: John Goessling

I feel you are not listening to the BIGGEST Stakeholder of all The Ratepayers. Yes we need to upgrade the Civic Centre but not at such huge cost. As for the foreshore use valuable land
which may be needed in the future. What do we do when the Government of the day says we need this site to expand the Port? They will say knock it down. Lets think to the future and build else where why not use Munro Martin Park it is wasted space at the moment.You are just wasting more money trying to convince the public it is needed.
Just because the government will give us the land we don't have to take it - there are other options.

fast talking media man
by: kwaka

Whats with all the question marks you would think a fast talking media man that is costing us rate payers ? how much ? would be able to type so that us simple minded people could understand what he is asking questions about.

Note from Jill: Kwaka, thanks for pointing that out. It did look odd but I hadn't previously noticed the weird punctuation. I have fixed it now.

Talk to Us
by: John Fasham

"Talk to us"
say Cairns Entertainment Precinct Planners

29 April 2011
The Cairns Entertainment Precinct will take a giant step forward on Tuesday (3 May 2011) when members of the public get to tell designers what, as a community, they'd like to see incorporated in the master-planning stage of the project.

During two community consultation sessions, architects Cox Rayner, Cairns-based CA Architects and other key consultants, will encourage people to share their ideas in face-to-face discussions.

"This will be a listening exercise for the design teams because key stakeholders such as business operators and members of the public will be asked to tell us what the community wants considered in this stage of the Cairns Entertainment Precinct roll out," Mayor Val Schier said.

"The consultation sessions are not about unveiling a final design. More importantly, they are being held to invite the community to actively reveal their ideas in this early phase of the project's development."

The Mayor said it was invaluable for the design of such an Australian icon that interested members of the general public, industry groups, and ultimate users (be they audience members or potential performers and their families) be invited to have input this way.

"Whilst we have wonderfully creative specialists working on the Precinct, this is how much we and they value the community's ideas too," Cr Schier said. " In many cases on Tuesday, members of the public will get to talk one-on-one with the design teams, and we would encourage that enormously."

Tuesday's community consultation will be the first of a number of similar forums planned for each architectural design stage of the Cairns Entertainment Precinct.

Date: Tuesday 3 May 2011

Location: Civic Reception Rooms
Cairns Regional Council
119 Spence Street Cairns

Times: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm; or

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Mayor Val Schier is available for interview.

Editors, writers and broadcasters please note: On Wednesday 13 April 2011,Council officially adopted the change of name from the original working title of Cairns Cultural Precinct to Cairns Entertainment Precinct to more appropriately reflect the scope and focus of the completed project. Please use the latter term exclusively from now on.

Media and Communications
0459 990 842

Footie versus Musicals
by: S. Northy

Interesting how people are supporting Warren Entsch's proposals for the 20,000 FOOTBALL/entertainment stadium to be built in Portsmith. I wonder if they have thought about what will happen when thousands of exciteable young men all flow into the Cairns Central Business District looking for some booze, after a charged up game? We already have a problem with violence in the inner city.

I'm for the Cultural Precinct.

no to culture centre
by: kwaka

This is a monument to the out going council.Why not let the rate payers vote on it.

No to culture rip off
by: Steve Power

Its a place where the cheek kissers will get rate payers to pay for their entertainment the rich should pay they will be the only ones using it.

For it
by: Avril Duck

Great visions require determination, hard work and persistence to be realised. Fear drives knockers of change - a cultural centre for Cairns of the proportions put forward is visionary. I wish it could be even bigger.
Why? This region may be high in unemployment but is bursting with creativity. To harness the creativity into productivity, infrastructure is needed. Once we determine to build it, and I believe there is a lot of historical evidence that we already have, then we should pull together to make it a success. Don't think - oh my rates will go up. That's not guaranteed. Think rather, okay, if it's going ahead, how can I benefit or my family or my community?
Great Art will lift Cairns from cultural obscurity and the Cultural Centre should produce great art! I want to be a part of it.

Great Project
by: Anonymous

The people out there who are unable to see the value in this facility are likely to be the same people who would benefit from it most

Proposed Cairns Cultural Precinct
by: Anonymous

I am dead against the proposed Cairns Cultural Precinct. If it goes ahead it will be a White Elephant of disastrous proportions. Maintenance and upkeep will cost a fortune. How many people will benefit from it. Some advocates say it will attract tourists, but I doubt it. It will be like the Casino. Perhaps some people may come to Cairns because of the Casino, but if so they would be very few. People may use the Casino while they are here, but they would have come anyway.

The same with the proposed Cultural Centre. I can not imagine that people would visit Cairns because of it. Sure they would probably have a look at it, and say it was very pretty, but they would have come anyway.

We can not afford the precinct. It will be a white elephant of monstrous proportions. Already rates are far too high, and if this thing goes ahead it will be a tragedy. There are far better options for spending money more usefully.

Against the cultural precinct
by: trish

I am against the cairns cultural centre at the proposed site and the proposed form.
We need something more than the civic centre, I think everyone is agreed on that.
We should not be building something on the wharf, or something so expensive. It will raise rates now and in the future for little benefit.
A 1500 seat complex will not bring the big players here.
Something in Martin Munro Park would be better, combined with the Civic Centre.
I much prefer the idea put forward by Warren Entsch. It would haave far more benifit for the region.

Cairns cultural centre
by: nick

I do not think that we need a cultural centre at this stage, maybe in the future about half the size using existing land and structures.

totally against
by: patricia

We need something better than the Civiv Centre, but not this hugely expensive monstrosity proposed by Val.

Times are tough and ratepayers are hurting. If this idea goes ahead we will be paying for the upkeep for evermore.

Why are none of the level of governments listening to their employers --- the people.

I am sick and tired of being told what is best for me, and having things pushed onto me without any consultation.

Forty Million Dollars for Cairns!
by: Jill

This media release just in :

"The Federal Government's announcement to commit $40 million to the Cairns Cultural Precinct is a huge shot in the arm for the region", Tropical North Queensland?s leading arts and cultural organisation, Arts Nexus, said today.

Art Nexus President, Tim Grau, said the Federal Government's support was the last piece of the jigsaw needed to build the world-class arts and cultural precinct for Cairns and the region.
Arts Nexus was one of the earliest advocates for a new performing arts and cultural precinct for Cairns.

"After more than 10 years of talk, planning and lobbying, today marks the beginning of a new era for Cairns," Mr Grau said.

"Today, we begin to focus on building for the future. And it's a very bright future. In an unprecedented way all three levels of government, the business, tourism and arts community came
together to advocate and invest in the future.

Having witnessed the difficulties the region has suffered in recent months it's critical Cairns and the region has a diverse, strong and resilient economy and community.

The proposed Cairns Cultural Precinct is part of that and will position Cairns as the cultural capital of North Queensland."

This is good news, indeed, as it will be a great boost for all industries, not just the Arts, and will assist the growth of prosperity of the region.

Congratulations, Val and team. NOW the work begins!

CCC - a bit over the top
by: Anonymous

While I think it is great that arts get such an attention and that there is a will to support arts, to me a whole precinct is a bit crazy.

The investment is huge while our rates rise every year without seeing significant more service for it. No company in the free market would act like this. Customers would simply stay away. But as residents usually don't leave that easily a council can do more or less at least until the next election.

The CCC costs tax payers money; so people of CRC pay to create their own jobs?

Once we have a CCC we need people to fill the place all the time. Most local people are not earning that kind of wages.

The population in CRC area is just not economical to build centers that could attract Elton John to come here. We hardly even make use of the convention center. I suggest to go for smaller steps and stop rising the rates.

Where are the Artists?
by: Bill White

The major point appears to be the status and future of the Cairns Art scene.

To date, the dissenters appear to be focussed on individual needs, prejudices and priorities without due consideration of the community's cultural needs and aspirations.

The various views are indicative of an incohesive social structure with firm lines drawn between economics sports and the arts.

We need to hear from the artists and community-minded members as well as those with a perceived self interest.

Cultural endeavors offer social capital effects both direct and indirect, immediate and long lasting. The arts provide a powerful way to transcend the cultural and demographic boundaries that divide us and to find deeper spiritual connections with those like us. To use our phrasing, the arts create both bridging and bonding social capital.

Saguaro Seminar on Civic Engagement in America. John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Seeking information?
by: Jill

If you need information about this planned project,check out the council's own summary here - .

So what's wrong with that?

Or are the 'knockers' those who do not see the relevance of art in their lives and hence dismiss the plan without even finding out about it?

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