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This opportunity to buy new art, that had never been exhibited or displayed, was a monthly service during 2014, which offered you the chance to snap up a bargain before anyone else saw it.

Brand new, original paintings, prints, sculptures, textiles, glass or mixed media works were offered for sale, starting on the first day of each month.

Prices were very reasonable and it only took a click of the 'Buy Now' button to secure the artwork of your choice.

This service is still available, if work has not been sold, so click the button and give it a try! All artwork comes with a thirty days 'money back' guarantee if you are not delighted with it!

Work has been created in the past three months.

Conditions of acceptance of artwork for this page were that it must have been created in the previous three months, that it was the original work of the artists (who are already represented by Art in Tropical Australia) and that it was valued at A$1,500.00 or less.

Packaging, freight and insurance are still the responsibility of the purchaser and quotes for this, if required, may be obtained, free of charge, by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

October 2014

Terry Johnson

The Fisherman's Dream, unique state etching by Terry Johnson

'The Fisherman's Dream'

etching, unique state

Acrylic and ink on paper

Unframed 60 x 80 cm


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July/August 2014

Marie and Ola Hoglund

Painted Graal     31 cm ht   $7,000.00

Paperweight      10 cm  ht   $  125.00

Eclipse Vase      11.5 cm ht $  195.00

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Hoglund Art Glass

June 2014

Jill Booth

'Ocean Currents 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6'

Oil on canvas, each 300 x 400mm                  $85 each or $420 for six

Ocean Currents

May 2014

Anna Curtis

Anna Curtis' beautiful reduction lino-prints reflect the natural environment in which she lives, in Tropical Australia.

Technically highly skilled, her observations, given life in this exacting medium, are dedicated to sharing that wild beauty.

March 2014

Judith Bohm-Parr

'Winter' crystal pate de verre glass form by Judith Bohm-Parr


crystal pate de verre

height 7 cms x diameter 11 cms

(first of a new series yet to be made)

$250 includes gift box

Judith Bohm-Parr is a highly experienced glass artist, who specialises in highly collectible pate de verre artwork as well as making fused and slumped art pieces.

February 2014

Tania Heben

Exploring The Mangroves 1 - oil painting of aboriginal boy walking in water through mangroves

'Exploring the Mangroves 1' $320

Exploring The Mangroves 2 - oil painting on canvas board, blues and greens, aborginal boy in red shorts

'Exploring the Mangroves 2' $320

'Exploring The Mangroves'

oil on canvas board
each 125mmx175mm
diptych, unframed $550

Quality frames included in price if required (see below).

Quality frame for mangroves paintings
Tania Heben Diptych

January 2014

Linda Jackson

Waratah scroll - outlines of waratah flowers on splodges of turquoise and red

'Waratah Blues' scroll

acrylic on calico
1100mm x 2000mm

These scrolls by Linda Jackson are painted with acrylics on calico.

Waratah Blues on the left, is filled with crimson pink waratahs, rising to the blue mountains beyond, while the fields of waratahs on the right are being overtaken by fire, which also helps in their re-generation.

Please click on each image to enlarge it.

dark waratah outlines on a red background

'Flame Waratah Bush Fires'

acrylic on calico
1100mm x 1300mm


Linda Jackson Scrolls

December 2013

Terry Johnson

'Joy Flight' lithograph in sepia tones

'Joy Flight', lithograph, hand tinted.
image size 400mm x 500mm   $390

'Mid Summer Night', multi coloured lithograph, blues and bright reds

'Mid Summer Night', colour lithograph, multi stone, image size 400mm x 500 mm  $390

These three new images by Terry Johnson are painstakingly drawn on fine, imported limestone with special greasy mediums, to which the ink adheres, then printed on high quality paper.

They are then either hand coloured or coloured using multi stones.

Please click on each image to enlarge it.

Terry Johnson Lithographs
'Embrace', hand coloured lithograph in soft oranges

'Embrace', lithograph, hand tinted, image size 500mm x 400mm $390

November 2013

Jill Booth

'Floral 1', vase of tropical flowers, red hibiscus and green leaves

'Floral 1' acrylic on stretched canvas 400x500mm, $280


'Floral 2', mvase of mixed tropical flowers

'Floral 2' acrylic on stretched canvas 400x500mm, $280


'Floral 3' purple azaleas in a vase

'Floral 3' acrylic on stretched canvas 400x500mm, $280


This series of small paintings accompanies the tropical flowers silk scarves, recently developed. Please click on each image to enlarge it.

Special price: buy all three for $690!

October 2013

Mary Ann Runciman

Fishing boat painting by Mary Ann Runciman - blues


oil on canvas

380mm x 310mm

$600 stretched

Circus - figure drawings - lithograph by mary Ann Runciman



530mm x 530mm

$390 unframed $550 framed

Small Black Sleepers lithograph by Mary Ann Runciman

'Small Black Sleepers'


270mm x 910mm

$450 unframed

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Marie Simberg-Hoglund and Ola Hoglund

Green blue glass vase by Hoglund Art Glass

This stunning, lime green-blue glass vase is 24 cm high and weighs 2.9kgs.

It is one-of-a-kind and so is not replicated anywhere. Engraved on the base with the artist's signature, it is truly a collector's piece.

Techniques used in the creating of this Haga vase involve overlaying individual coloured layers of glass, which are 'framed' within clear crystal.

$1,495      SOLD

'Autumn' glass vase by Hoglund Art Glass

This vase by Marie and Ola Hoglund is titled 'Autumn'.

It is 25cm high and weighs 2.7kg. Crafted using a similar method described above, of layering and overlapping translucent coloured glass, it is also 'one-of-a-kind' - and hence, especially valuable.

$1,495        SOLD

This one-of-a-kind glass paperweight is in demand by collectors world-wide.

Made from lead-free coloured and clear glass crystal this artpiece would make a great addition to your collection - or as a special gift.

8cm high


Coral paperweight by Hoglund Art Glass


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