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Having been an artist for most of my life and having owned and managed a gallery of fine art for fourteen or so years, I have a fairly good idea of what both artists and buyers want.

Of course artists must sell their work in order to survive, unless they have private means. But, although they are delighted that someone likes their work enough to pay for it, they often are genuinely unhappy about letting their creation go; it is their ‘child’. They hope that it will go to a good home, where it will be loved and appreciated and shown to advantage.

Buyers (some of whom are collectors) have differing reasons for buying art. Sometimes it is simply as a special souvenir (a memory) of their travels – a painting may remind them of a pleasant experience enjoyed with a loved one. It is even better for them if they can make the purchase with that person – another shared and joyful experience.

For many, the purchase needs to fit with the décor of their home, so they are looking for certain colours and sizes of paintings or sculptures. Many artists deride this attitude but I can understand it; if the buyer just loves the artwork and if it fits the colour scheme of their home, where’s the harm?

Other art buyers are just browsing and on the lookout for an art work, which is special in some way or which has been created by a well established artist, whose work they follow. They also have their well-honed antennae out in case they ‘find’ an emerging artist whose work is brilliant but who has yet to be ‘discovered’.

In this case the buyer takes a chance on the work appreciating greatly in value. Or they take no risk at all if they are buying it because they think it is brilliantly conceived and crafted and that they will have much joy from looking at it for years to come.

Buy art sell art' through this website - advantages and disadvantages.

So, whether you are an artist wanting to sell your art work or a potential buyer on the lookout for that special piece, here is an opportunity for you both to meet to 'buy art sell art' from the comfort of your own home.

An advantage to a buyer is that you will be able to browse to your heart’s content with absolutely no obligation to even make your presence known. It is likely that you will be able to purchase artwork at a very reasonable price as the artist has virtually no marketing overheads. If they were selling their work through a gallery they would be paying up to 50% commission to the gallery.

Mind you, I know with absolute certainty that galleries earn every cent of that as their costs are enormous. If artists list work for sale here, which is similar to that already with a gallery, they will need to list it at a similar price – it’s only ethical and fair – or risk being dropped by their gallery. It would be a courtesy to discuss the situation with their gallery, anyway. A solution might be to list a totally different series or style of work online to that sold by galleries.

When we had our gallery of fine art I would sometimes hear from clients how much cheaper they had got a certain painting by buying direct from the artist. The artist might even have recalled the painting from our gallery on the pretext of moving paintings around between their galleries. Do you think that I continued to promote that artist by pouring energy and money into marketing their work?

But I am assuming that many artists are not soley represented by any gallery and that, therefore, they are 'free agents' in the 'buy art sell art' process.

Disadvantages to the ‘buy art sell art’ online idea include the real possibility of art work being different ‘in the flesh’ to how it looks online. It is a matter of ‘buyer beware’ but also of artists deciding to sell only their best original works or reproductions, which are well executed and which use quality material and workmanship and to check that photos of work are as accurate as possible. An original work is one that has been conceived and executed by the artist – not a copy.

Artists featured
on other sections of this site all guarantee that they have used the best practices and highest standard of materials and workmanship in the execution of their artwork. I suggest that new artists listed in this ‘buy art sell art’ section do likewise.

Art buyers, please check out the art work for sale here.

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