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Love this picture
by: April from Speedway

I think this is such a great picture, to me, it shows the love between the children. I have two boys and this put me in mind of how they are together!

Love this one
by: Mike J

I particularly like this one. Ted seems to have a knack for portraits. I would like to see more.

by: Laura

Just looking at this painting makes you shut out the busyness of the world that we so many times create for ourselves, and treasure life and everyone you love even more. So much love is expressed through this painting. Usually people paint a mother and child bonding in this way, this painting brings a new twist.

true love
by: Anonymous

The child's expression says it all.

True love.

This fills my heart.
by: Kay-w/Walmart

This is beautiful! So much detail, and babies are a very dear subject to almost everyone's heart.

by: Dan

Your painting of the expression of the older child shows affection, love, and a true family.

You have a way with your brushes and are able to capture that once in a lifetime viewing that a family and an artist can appreciate.

The warmth seems to flow in this beautiful scene of two children. You do know how to illustrate such warmth in your painting here.

Much success to your God given talent.

I am speechless
by: John

I look at this wonderful rendition and I am speechless.

Such realism you achieve with paint and brush. I have been to art museums and nothing I have seen compares to this.

I could not find words to describe my feelings as I looked at this painting.

The fund raiser for the Infant Welfare Society was right on the mark to have such a painting for viewing as this.

by: Anonymous

From bridges to lighthouses to farm scenes. All were awesome pieces.

Now you blow me way with your rendering of a family.

The title says it all. You are to be commended for a stupendous effort. No wonder shows you are in are successes. You are using your "gift".

Much success to you.

by: Ellie

Such content is awesome. A mother can realize this family love.

How ever did you put such feeling into a painting? It is amazing how delicate you works are.

Some family will surely appreciate your dedication and effort.

by: Ruth

You have not only captured a moment, but I can feel the affection the older youngster is showing.

You have a way of expression only a fellow artist can appreciate.

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