Australian Poetry Describes Our Country and its People.

I love listening to Australian poetry - or reading it. It tugs at the heart strings, can be stirringly patriotic, making us proud to be Australians; it tells of our history, our joys and sorrows - and at times it makes us laugh.

Australian bush poetry seems to have enjoyed a resurgence of recent years, with competitions and performances enlivening community life in many towns and cities.

Your Australian poetry?

Most of us are able to write poetry, so I wonder if you have written any lately? If so, would you consider sharing with us?

Perhaps your poem comments on some aspect of life in Australia or describes a hauntingly beautiful scene. Maybe it was a memorable emotional experience that prompted your response. Perhaps you are recording a small detail from your daily life.

What kinds of poetry do you write? It might be structured traditionally in the form of a ballad, as in much Australian bush poetry, a sonnet or a haiku to tell a story, send a message, comment on some aspect of nature or to express your emotions. Or it might be free verse, flowing smoothly to evoke a feeling or to vividly describe a scene.

There are many different kinds of poetry - perhaps a sombre mood is expressed in dark depressing poetry, or have you written love poems, narratives or uplifting, free romantic poetry?

If you are describing an Australian scene then, of course, the reader should feel a sense of place through your description of colour, texture, action and atmosphere.

Perhaps you are living overseas and feeling homesick for the 'sunburnt country' and rolling plains'? Could you describe in a few verses what it is that you are missing?

We would love to hear from you. If you enjoy what others have written, please tell them!

Have you written an insightful - or even funny poem lately?

Please share it with us?

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Recent research proved that placebo medications are beneficial. Oh give me, please, some placebo love! Though not real - it is better than none. …

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