Cairns Cultural Centre

A Cultural Centre in Cairns is on the definite list for sure.

Not only Cairns will benefit from it but many visiting Artists as well who already do perform or exhibit in Cairns already, and only have limited space on the Esplanade and have to hire a stage and put up with bad weather at times etc.

I know many people from Innisfail who see this as a great asset to all! Wonderful if it comes to pass! Cheers! Kim.

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Opportunities at the Coalface?

by Sasi Victoire
(Cairns QLD)

More opportunities at the coalface, please. So far there are many information silos promoting their own existence and diverting monies away from the artists.

There is more money for management than for promoting the artists and providing an arena of healthy art-making opportunities that can be promoted not only locally but nationally and internationally.

Do not forget that there is no superannuation put aside for artists who have contributed with time, effort, monies, and volunteerism to carry out projects with minimum monies provided for creating work.

The public who attend do not realize that it is the cultural capital they take for granted.

Please see that more monies are paid to artists not to 'stables' who control and administer the funds.

Empower the artist to be self reliant and provide cultural opportunities not imported shows that do not benefit sustained art culture in this area.



Empowering Artists
by: Jill

Sasi, thank you so much for starting this discussion.

What do others think about the need for empowering artists to be responsible for their own life journey vs providing it for them?

We could have a benevolent and paternalistic government aided system which 'looks after' its artists by encouraging them through grants etc.

But I like to think that artists want to get out there and learn skills so they are responsible for their own lifestyle and destiny.

Sasi, would 'skilling up' artists then mean that the 'middle men' or arts administrators lose their jobs?

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Cairns Cultural Centre - are you for it or against it?

by Val Schier
(Cairns, North Quensland)

There are 9 letters in the Cairns Post today - sent to the Cairns Post at - critical of the cultural precinct proposal. It's important that the people who support various elements of the project also have their say.

Go to or write to or text to: 0428987675

Do it now!!

I'm sure you have your own views but some of the reasons people tell me they want the cultural precinct are:

• the current Civic Theatre is way out of date and too small for the schools, the eisteddfod competitors and other performers and companies

• we have the most inadequate theatre of any in regional Qld including Maryborough, Rockhampton, Townsville, Bundaberg, Toowoomba

• the Tom Pyne council started planning in the 1990's, the Byrne council continued for 8 years and we still don't have the facilities we need and deserve!!

• we've talked about a museum for more than a decade; our kids miss out on the educational opportunities and learning of their history and heritage

• the precinct can create 100's of jobs over a 2 or 3 year building period; great when unemployment continues to be twice the national average

• the land given to council by the state is the best site in town with magnificent views across the inlet and an interesting working port beside it (which will still have room to double its capacity at the wharves)

• the theatre can be linked to the Convention Centre allowing bigger conventions and conferences to be held; they've knocked back over 30 events in the past couple of years because it's not big enough; Conventions bring huge economic gain to the region

• an extra 50,000 or more people in this region over the next 20 years need facilities

• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can have greater opportunities to showcase their art, cultures and performances

• Cairns' unemployment is currently double the national average and we need jobs

• Townsville gets more money than Cairns and it's great to see the state government committing money to Cairns

• Cairns needs new tourism product; people can come off cruise ships and come to the precinct

• Council can look at ways of making money out of commercial opportunities so that running costs of the site don't all come from ratepayers

• If Council can do a $188M upgrade of 4 huge sewage treatment plants they ought to be able to manage a big building project.

Lots of people support the idea because they know it will be good for Cairns. Remember the controversial design is only a concept and it has to go out to tender.

Over to you.


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