Art Journals Record Artists' Experiences and Insights.

Art journals are used by artists to quickly record aspects and insights of experiences for future reference. They are both a research tool and a record.

Online journals on this website take this, usually solitary and personal, activity a step further by sharing activities and thoughts with those who are interested in the development of artists’ work.

Blogs and social media offer something similar but they can seem rather superficial or be designed purely as self-promotion by the artist.

Online art journals - are they visual diaries or blogs?

The art journals that are represented here are rather more thoughtful reflections or accounts of activities and influences that may, or may not, result in future serious work.

One day you will be able to say that you saw that now famous masterpiece in its gestational state!

The immediacy of pencil sketches and scribbled thoughts may be lost a little in the translation to digital media but we hope that this glimpse into artists’ lives will be rewarding for you.

Artists may describe glorious tropical sunsets that one day develop new life as meaningful landscape paintings. They may meet with and photograph outback characters on stations or opal mines, be astounded by Nature’s gardens and sketch flower drawings – or respond to other sensory experiences such as cool breezes from the ocean or wafts of tropical perfume from curry bushes by writing snatches of poetry or dabbling with splodges of colour.

Perhaps their musings are part of the planning process for an up-coming workshop that they have been asked to deliver.

You, the reader, are privileged to be part of this creative process and are encouraged to ask questions or make comment in response to journal entries at the end of each page. Many thanks to artists for sharing.

Please click on the links below the artists' names to go to their journal entries, which are arranged from newest to oldest postings. Please feel free to comment on their journal pages.


Billabongs, Boabs, Bush, BarrierReef and Beyond
Vesak, Festival of Light
Amazing Finale                                                                              
Lightning Ridge
Utopia at the Art Gallery of South Australia


Scarf design
To market, to market...


Lithography Mentor
Gift From the Sun 
Beach inspiration
Reflections on low tide


Printmaking Mondays


Lithography Revisited


Indigenous Rainforest Art
The Art of Business
Retiring Gracefully

Terry Johnson - painting of an angel playing the violin as fish dance around her.Terry Johnson, 'Angel'
Linda Jackson - opal design painted on silk.Linda Jackson, 'Opal'
Jill Booth - ginger flowers design for silk scarves is being painted.Jill Booth Pink Gingers
Ross Bannister Autumn DreamingRoss Bannister 'Autumn Dreaming'
Mary Ann Runciman, 'Figures'Mary Ann Runciman, 'Figures'
Judith Bohm-Parr, 'Green Mallee'

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