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YOUR art ideas pages give you the opportunity to publicise your art event, to offer helpful advice and comments - and to show off your own art work!

YOUR art ideas pages are where you may contribute ideas, images of your own art work, perhaps details of an advanced technique that you have mastered - or even a funny art-related story.

This is the place to list your up-coming events, such as exhibitions, artists retreats, studio-open days, writing workshops, art classes, dance or music events and workshops, theatrical performances ...even to philosophise about the meaning of art in tropical Australia or elsewhere and to comment on what others have said.

The fine arts forum page is a forum where you may initiate discussions and let us all know your opinion about art related matters.

Children's art is often wonderful, showing insights sometimes forgotten by adults, so there is a page for them, too.

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This web-page, is the place to find "what's on" in FNQ. So send your friends and please come back often!

Please also see art workshops and classes as well as jobs or residencies for artists, such as this one in France.

YOUR art ideas pages are not exclusively for the use of North Queensland artists. If you live in another country we would LOVE to see your artwork or hear your opinions, read your poetry (it had better be in English!) or gain from technical tips that you might like to share.

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Selected images from past and current art events

Teho Ropeyarn works on lino-cutTeho works on a lino print
Louise Derry 'Sunset'Louise Derry - 'Sunset'
Margaret Genever 'Body Language'Margaret Genever, 'Body Language'
Rose Rigley 'The Dog Show'Rose Rigley, 'The Dog Show'
Ross Bannister 'Silent Witness'Ross Bannister, 'Silent Witness'
Billy Missi