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To start off our discussions I couldn't find a hotter topic than the planned Cairns Cultural Centre.

Controversy rages!

It is fitting that our first guest writer was none other than Cairns Regional Council Mayor, Val Schier.

Val felt passionately about the need for a cultural centre, of which all of us in the wider Cairns region may be proud and invited your opinion.

However, following local government elections, a new mayor, Bob Manning, was been elected with very different ideas. He still seems to be exploring the idea of a cultural centre for Cairns, albeit much reduced in size and function - and on a different site!

Do you feel it is a waste of money and a white elephant or do you consider that perhaps Cairns has come of age and can hold its own, culturally, with other cities? Or are we still stuck in a cultural cringe mentality?

Let's hear what you think!

Is there another art controversy that you feel passionate about?

Please use this fine arts forum to bring to our notice any other art related matter so that we may all discuss it openly and perhaps help to resolve the situation. Although it is a sign of a healthy democracy to be able to discuss controversial subjects intelligently whilst holding differing viewpoints, please try to find positive alternatives to situations with which you do not agree.

The subject of discussion may be about regional matters or those pertaining to large cities - your call!

If you are initiating a new subject for discussion please make sure that your submission is at least 400 words in length.

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