Are You an Art Collector?

If you are a serious art collector, you will be sure to be on the lookout for new pieces to add to your collection.

Or you may have reached the stage in life where you need to 'downsize' your house and just don't have space for all those loved artworks. There are all sorts of reasons that may lead to a decision to part with some, or all, of your collection.

Buying and selling special artworks

Every so often I receive requests from collectors wanting to sell paintings, drawings or sculptures or from those on the lookout for certain artists' work.

You may not even consider yourself to be a collector but might just be hoping to find the perfect painting that 'speaks' to you. You may, as often happens, have missed out on purchasing a certain work - and regretted it ever since!

When we had our galleries of fine art it was not unusual for a client to phone or email wondering whether a painting or sculpture were still available. They had fallen in love with it but been unable to purchase it at the time, perhaps because of financial restraints (eg a new fridge or washing machine gets priority in the overall business of living).

When I had to tell them that it had been purchased I would feel sad for their disappointment and wish that they had elected to enter into a 'lay-by' type of agreement.

A new 'art collector' service is born.

Sylvia Ditchburn '4 Mile Beach'

So it recently occurred to me that I could set up a facility on this website that would put collectors in touch with each other, without me having to be involved in enquiries or subsequent sales - a 'DIY' situation that costs very little.

What do you think?

Here are the rules:

  1. Work must be by an Australian artist.
  2. Four works per page may be advertised (include photos of each).
  3. Describe each work, noting whether it is framed or unframed. Title?
  4. What is the condition of the painting/drawing/sculpture?
  5. What medium has been used?
  6. If framed, what is its condition? Glass?
  7. Size of the work and, if framed, size of the frame?
  8. Price? Is this negotiable?
  9. Freight - it is usual for the buyer to pay this and for the seller to provide at least one quote.
  10. Please provide some information about the artist and his/her manner of working. We all like stories! Please write 300+ words to be sure that the search engines find your page!
  11. Your contact details - email and/or phone. The potential buyer will contact you direct and I will not play any part in negotiations.
  12. Method of payment is up to you - direct deposit is easy or you could elect to use Paypal or accept a cheque.

What does it cost?

For a full web page, with information and photos of up to four artworks, displayed for a month - $35

For each month after that please add $10 - ie 2 months would be $45, 3 months  $45 after which please add $5 per month up to 6 months for $70 total. Pages will be removed once the time paid for has expired.


Please pay here once you have decided how long you would like your advertisement/information to run, then go ahead and fill in the form, below. Good luck! 

How many months?

Art Collectors and Sellers Take Note!

Are you an art collector looking for a bargain? Or would you like to find an informed buyer for those special pieces?

Some artists' work is no longer available through the usual channels, such as galleries. So, collectors, here's an opportunity to find those extra paintings or sculptures that will make your collection complete.

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