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This art classes directory helps you to find tropical art classes and active art groups in your area. Perhaps you want to learn how to photograph or sketch tropical rainforest plants, how to make a collage or to investigate landscape drawings with a sketching group? Are you thinking of exhibiting your butterfly drawings or just hoping for tips for digital photography?

Maybe you are interested in developing a satisfying hobby or wishing to further your art career by getting a taste for a new medium?

I frequently have requests from people looking for arts groups in their area, either because they want to pursue their creative interests with like-minded people or because they want to learn various art related skills or perhaps to join in group exhibitions.

Close up of Gail Shaw painting rainforest watercolour with red butterflyLearn to paint beautiful watercolours with local tutor, Gail Shaw.

If you are searching for artist run initiatives, tropical art classes, sketching excursions, exhibitions or other group opportunities - in other words an art classes directory - look no further! They are all here at your fingertips!

Just type the location of your town or city into the search box below for a list of arts groups near you.

If you are interested in listing your arts group (visual arts, performing arts, writing) please click here.  Please provide as many details as you can about membership costs and timetables for regular classes.

Arts groups are usually run by skilled volunteers so perhaps you may like to think of how you can contribute to your chosen group (or groups) as well as how you may benefit.

Gale on beach weaving coconut frond basketHave fun learning to weave with coconut fronds at the beach.

For example I frequently have requests from parents whose children wish to become involved in weekend or after-school classes. Maybe you are qualified to teach children and are aware of their developmental stages. Or else you may be just the one to help get materials together and supervise the clean-up?

Whatever your involvement I hope that you find the experience rewarding.

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