Arnie Hunt

by Arnie Hunt
(Mission Beach)

One of my favourite places - Dunk Island in the background

One of my favourite places - Dunk Island in the background

What's the motivation behind the things I have painted? It's because of the atmosphere I experienced at the time from them. That experience was worth repeating.

While painting these, I feel the soft breezes, the balmy waters, I hear the soft lapping of water against the boat, the gentle whoosh! of the sea as it caresses the sand, the birds chirping in their peaceful surrounds.

We have some hanging in our home and they greet me when I wake up. A great way to start my day: with a mood lift as from a good friend.

The thought that others can gain pleasure from these paintings is rewarding. I hope they will do the same for you.

My Working Methods:

Most of the time I work from photos I've taken, sometimes from other people's photos that they have given me. I may use most, or some, of what I see in the photos in my paintings, leaving out what I feel may interfere or distract from the atmosphere of the end result.

When not using photos as the basis of the painting-to-be I like to do some sketches of the subject in pastel. Before starting to paint I look at the many different sketches I've done, and decide which parts best capture the feeling I am wanting to present. Then I incorporate these into the painting.

I am not a fast painter - it can take weeks to finish one because of all the preparation and the detail that goes into them. Since I spend such a lot of time there, I usually only paint places or things that appeal to me. Such as places where I'd like to have a beach picnic!


It's personal: everyone has their own choice. Mine is simple: I like acrylic because it works for me. I find it versatile and love the vibrancy. Also, because of my being sensitive to chemicals, I find this medium is more comfortable to work with. But I appreciate the beauty of all other mediums.


My paintings are on cotton canvas, stretched around a wooden frame, and painted around the sides so they look finished, and can be hung "as is." This leaves it open for people to frame it if they prefer, and they can choose the frame to suit their own decor.

Giclée prints:

The giclée prints are also on canvas, and I like to hand-finish them for added texture. So every one of the giclee prints is a little different, and giving it a more personalised feel. This also means you can order a giclee print that is actually larger than the original, but there is not the typical decrease in quality. Giclée prints are either stretched on a frame (gallery wrapped) or delivered in a roll.


I appreciate that everyone's wall space is different. So therefore if these don't suit I can personalise sizes that will accommodate individual needs. There is nothing as disappointing as loving something and not being able to treasure it in a special place. I am open to any suggestions that might help.


I have done quite a number of special commissions, but I will only take one on if it's a place where I'd like to spend some time. Feel free to send me a photo to start the discussion.

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by: Ted E. Mueller

I am enthusiastic of your approach to a painting.

I also only paint what I feel after seeing a place or a photo. Performing artists say, "I was so inspired." It sounds corny, but that may be my motivation also.

If I do not feel motivated with a scene I take a pass on it, and I sense this is your approach also.

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