An Exercise In Colour

by Tony Henjel
(Port Douglas Aust.)

Oh yes!I can do this type of painting too.It is not my normal metier and I consider it neither art nor is it craftsmanship. Just an exercise with colours.


Comment by Jill

Tony, aren't all paintings 'exercises' in colour, composition, shape, texture, movement and tones?

Or do you mean that you are practising for the 'real thing'? If so, in my opinion, your exercise succeeds almost too well and one wonders how you can improve on it when you may reach the stage of no longer considering it an exercise but a serious painting?

Is your 'exercise' about advancing and receding colour or does it demonstrate how perspective can be shown by using the tonal values of colours? Are you saying that it has no soul or real subject?

I am wondering why you don't consider your painting to show craftsmanship. Is it not well crafted - ie is the substrate not well prepared, the paint not applied competently, the subject matter and composition not considered?

Not critisising, just curious!

Perhaps there is something that I don't know - do others also undertake 'exercises', ie finished paintings as compared with little trials to test effects? I am thinking here of established artists as compared with students, for whom every project must be a learning experience.

But then, we are all learning all the time, are we not?

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