Semi Abstract or Abstract Landscape Paintings by Jill Booth.

Jill (that's me!) has always been interested in developing abstract landscape paintings into series which tell about various aspects of a subject. Often the subject is not completely 'abstracted' but partly so - hence my use of the term 'semi-abstract'.

The advantage to a buyer of this method of working in series is that the artwork may then be grouped within a room or scattered, bringing a sense of repetition, harmony and flow to the decor.

Sometimes, in the past, Jill has designed and made double sided oil paintings or silk panels especially for furniture screens.

Some artists throw their hands up in horror at the thought of using the colour and design within paintings to accentuate elements of a living space.

However, Jill is happy if her abstract landscape paintings or those which are rather more realistic, enrich people's daily lives in some way, so if her work is seen as "decorative" as well as "deep and meaningful", that's fine!


Jill remarks: "Most days I walk along a stretch of famous Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas.

Here the jungle comes right down to meet the Coral Sea. Depending on whether the tide is high or low there is either a narrow strip of white beach or a very wide area, extending out to where the ocean breaks on the reef.

The following observation was made at high tide!

These abstract landscape paintings are also available as giclee art prints.

the first in a quadtych, this painting is my impression of looking into the jungle fringing the beach.  the second in a quadtych, this painting is my abstracted jungle impression.  the third painting continues the dark greens.  the last painting completes the quadtych.

Abstract landscape paintings - "Foreshore, Four Mile Beach" - quadtych - oil on canvas 

For years I lived in the Mowbray Valley, a ten minute drive from Port Douglas.

Apart from during the heat of noon, there seemed to be constant sound and movement from the forest animals and birds; strange slithering and crashing, hooting and wailing would punctuate the still night air.

Before first light the "dawn chorus" would begin. Rarely an early riser, I would mutter "Oh, do shut-up!" and cover my ears. The twittering and carolling, serenading and screeching would continue for much of the day.

By late afternoon in the Wet season, this might culminate in drunken staggering and shrieking of gaily plumed lorikeets, who had imbibed a little too freely from the fermenting nectar of umbrella flowers or ripe mangoes!

the first in a quadtych, this oil painting is my impression of lively and raucous tropical birds.  the second in the tropical birds quadtych.  more brightly coloured birds!  another brightly coloured painting of birds completes the quadtych.

"Tropical Birds" - quadtych - oil on canvas 

Walk along Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, on a fine day. There's not a cloud in the sky, but a haze hovers over mangroves and mountains to the south and out to sea.

Screw up your eyes and the ocean becomes a semi abstract pattern of blues, with strips of reef showing browny-purple against the shimmering water and sky. A lazy wave forms and flops on the sandy beach, then recedes with a hiss and rattle of tiny shells.

These ocean paintings would also look good with a narrow "box" frame

They employ rather novel oil painting techniques combined with acrylic painting techniques in that the oil paint has been mixed with acrylic paint, one repelling the other and helping to form beads of "water" on the surface of the works.

distant blue hills seen across a turquoise ocean.  the second in the ocean quadtych this painting introduces the rusty colours of submerged reefs.  the ocean breaks into waves  more waves.

Semi abstract landscape paintings - "Four Mile Beach" quadtych - oil and acrylic on canvas 

More semi abstract landscape paintings by Jill Booth for sale.

The original abstract landscape paintings or studies of tropical fruit and flora featured here are the result of many years of research and experimentation. Jill Booth has painted all her life and has also been a textile artist, specialising in surface design, for the past twenty five years.

She combines her interest in wearable art fabrics with paintings about the Australian landscape on paper, canvas and silk.

Recently, in addition to the original tropical paintings below, she has developed a series of beautiful silk and cotton lengths, which comment on the reef and coastal areas of tropical North Queensland, where she lives.

Whether using oils and acrylics on paper or canvas, dyes on silk or mixed media, the abstract landscape paintings, textiles and prints are about the vibrancy and colour of her surroundings. As do most abstract artists, she tries to simplify and distil the essence of a subject.

Abstract Landscape Paintings as Well as Tropical Bird and Fruit Pantings For Sale

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the first in a triptych, this painting depicts Torres Strait pigeons nesting on Low Isles. The second in this triptych shows Torres Strait pigeons resting in beach almond trees. this painting completes the triptych

A few years ago, as a Low Isles Preservation Society volunteer, I spent a few days on the island with an artist friend. The constant mournful cooing of Torres Strait pigeons, their fluttering and flapping as they nested amongst the trees, feathers and broken eggs floating to the dry, leaf-covered sand below, were memorable impressions.
"Our Island Home"
Oil on canvas - triptych, each 910 x 1220mm x 35mm (painting continues around edges)

Abstract, brightly coloured birds ( or are they flowers or leaves? ) convey a sense of lushness and excitement about the Australian tropics.
Be excited by the orchestrated movement and brilliant flashes of colour as flocks of lorikeets descend on beach almond trees or take wing in a lop-sided flurry of fermenting nectar-induced intoxication.
Acrylic on paper - 760mm x 560mm

Many a story and reminiscence has taken place around this blue table on Low Isles.
The old relief lighthouse-keeper's cottage on Low Isles now serves as accommodation for voluntary caretakers. For many years an old blue table on the verandah was the focal point for discussions - and cups of tea. Thoughts turn to those lonely and isolated women in years gone-by, who, so far from home, probably also sat in this spot, thinking of their loved ones.
"The Blue Table"
mixed media and collage on paper

Piles of bright orange tangerines are flanked by heliconias, a bottle of wine and two glasses adding to the mood of celebration.

This painting symbolises the abundance of Nature and the exciting experience of living in Far North Queensland.
Acrylic on paper

The delicious tasting and fragrantly perfumed lychees have a very short season in October and November.

The delicious tasting, fragrantly perfumed lychee, eaten ice cold at the onset of the hot,Wet season, can't be bettered. This bunch was growing on a huge old tree beside my house - and didn't last long before it was eaten!
Acrylic on paper - 560mm x 760mm

greeny blues abstract second in abstract blue,greeny ocean third in abstract ocean series

These abstract ocean paintings, representations of the tropical, turquoise and green ocean, can be "mixed and matched" and hung in any order or direction - you could change the display as often as you liked!
"Ocean" 1 - 6
acrylic on canvas
350mm x 350mm x 45mm
fourth in ocean series Fifth painting in abstract ocean series sixth blue green abstract acrylic painting

Walk through the tangled tropical bush, jungle vines barring your way, prickly hooked thorns catching your clothes and spider-webs clinging stickily to your face...
"Bush Walk 1" on left "Bush Walk 2" on right
oil on canvas
610mm x 910mm

Coconut trees on Four Mile Beach sway their skirts in the breeze as their The exposed roots of coconut trees on Four Mile Beach look like grass skirts and it is easy to imagine the fallen nuts dancing to the same tune as their parents.

The ravages of high tides and cyclones eventually claim tall coconut trees and they come crashing down. Clinging on to life, their roots remind me of grass skirts dancing defiantly; offspring bounce around happily as they look for the best place to start a new growth cycle.
"Coconuts Dancing 1" and "Coconuts Dancing 2"
oil on canvas - 1020mm x 760mm x 40mm (painting continues around edge)

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A pat on the back...

"Jill, your artwork is stunning, sensitive and absolutely breathtaking.

"This past Thursday a friend and I were in Port Douglas. While window shopping and having a 'gander' at the Marina shops we found your work. Good stuff, lovely lady."

Magda Cordingley-Palmer

Thanks Magda, you made my day!

Abstract blue, pink and green shapes move across the canvas. Abstract blues - oil on canvas
Landscape painting on silk - orange earth in foreground,  white clouds in blue sky at top of paintingLandscape - silk and dyes
Painting of red birds and fish on a dark blue background - hand made megaphoneRed Birds and Fish
abstract bird flying shape on turquoise backgoundBird in Flight - abstract painting
silk landscape with red sky and browny blue foregroundLandscape - silk and dyes
The ocean - white froth, sea blues in acrylic and oilOcean - acrylic on canvas
bright red bird, smaller white birds behindRed Bird
red and yellow collaged paper leaves float on silk 'water''On the Outgoing Tide', detail - oil on canvas
reds and browns abstract landscape - dyes on silk'Reds and Browns' dyes on silk
red and pink paint, swirled'Swirls' - oil on paper
south end of four mile beachFour Mile Beach
Nemo, orange and white fish swims in coralNemo
sand and sea meet - textured browns and clear greens'Sand and Sea Meet' detail
weird lime green bird with red comb and yellow beak'Bird'
movement - marks in blues, reds, greens and whiteMovement
foliage - various greens, paint strokes showing'Jungle'
looking into a bright red ginger flower - green leaves behindRed Ginger Flower
'Ocean' - blues and greens, yellow circle in foreground'Ocean' - abstract
section of croton leaves - mostly green with red accentCrotons
abstract swirl of reds and bluesSwirls
yellow bird with orange head on dark backgroundYellow Bird

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