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Perspectives, Issue #007-- YOUR pages
December 30, 2008

"Perspectives" - NEW - Your events/ painting tips/ artwork on this site.

So much for good intentions!

I had thought to publish this newsletter every month, but became rather overwhelmed with Go Troppo Arts Festival matters, procrastinated a bit – and slipped behind.

I do apologise (in case you missed me!) but have set myself a new deadline to produce “Perspectives” at the beginning of each month, to let you know of art-related happenings in this part of Australia.

And there’s quite a lot about to explode onto the tropical arts scene in the New Year!

Everyone is still in holiday mode and the weather so hot and muggy. Black clouds gather ominously, the occasional thunderstorm grumbles and flashes alarmingly and heavy, but short-lived, downpours remind us that The Wet season is about to begin.

This reduction lino-print of the ocean surrounding Low Isles, by Anna Curtis, says it all, really.

Those of you who know Louise Collier and her partner, Steve Sharpe, caretakers on Low Isles for over five years, may be interested to see this view from their new location in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. They spent a rainy and cool Christmas Day as a cyclone had just been in the vicinity, bringing welcome rain.


Here’s Frieda’s haiku, right on cue -

the clatter of rain
that hits the beach umbrella
drowns out all sea sounds

Some artists enjoy making haikus as the process helps them to focus and to distil the essence of the subject of their painting, sculpture or music. Have you found that to be the case?

Which reminds me – I have just started a page, which invites you to upload your own haikus to this site. It would be wonderful to hear from you and to read your haiku observations of Nature.

If you have a drawing or photograph to accompany it, that would be a great addition. Perhaps we could develop this into a competition. What do you think?

Start here?

NEW - YOUR PAGES just for you!

If you’re not “into” haikus you may like to let others know your painting or drawing tips and let us see your latest art masterpieces? Your own (free) web page, written by you!

Click here.

I also thought that it would be useful to have a section on the site where North Queensland artists and art groups could list their up-coming exhibitions, art classes and other events. So here that is –

Please pass this link on to artists, art groups or anyone that you think could benefit from this service.

This listing would be free for not-for-profit groups.

A small advertising charge will apply for businesses.


A number of people have asked me how I build my websites (the other one is I am the most technically inept person, hence their surprise, I suppose!

In case you are interested in developing your own web-based internet business, Site Build It, the course of study that I embarked on in order to be able to build this site, has a special offer on at present.

The special offer, two sites for the price of one, was to have expired on Christmas Day but it has been extended until January 5. So be quick if you would like to take advantage of that. Total cost for two is US$299.

You could give one to a family member or friend if you didn’t want both right now, although the second one does not have to be used for nine months.

I find building this website so interesting, despite being hopeless at technical matters. I do have to work at it and persist when I don't "get" things. However, the owner of Site Build It, Ken Evoy, and his staff are so helpful and provide all the tools that you could need.

Most people seem to start building a SBI site about a hobby or area of expertise, and the course helps you to choose a suitable “niche”, which may be profitable. Apparently most people are happy to bring in an extra $1,000 or two per month but some, who work hard at it, regularly have incomes of $10,000 or more per month from each site. I am far from that at present!

This is worth looking in to in these uncertain financial times; no doubt, the internet is the way of the future and appears to be going from strength to strength.

So far I have mostly been providing information but have recently started to upload artwork for sale.

See here -

Want more info about building a site for yourself?

Click here.

FINALLY my very good wishes to you and your family for a happy 2009, doing all those things that you find personally rewarding and fulfilling.

YES! you may forward this email to your friends. They, also, may wish to subscribe to the newsletter by visiting the home page.

More tropical haikus by Frieda

Upload your latest artwork?

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