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Perspectives, Issue #006-- Tania Heben
August 16, 2008

"Perspectives" - Artists' Portfolios/Tania Heben

Hiding behind a hanging picture or perched on a beam waiting for breakfast to fly by, the bright green tree frogs are beautiful and companionable creatures of the tropics.

Your haiku of the month -

those white -lipped tree frogs
you realise they're alive
only when they move

Frieda van Aller

Your artist's portfolio.

Whether you are approaching a gallery to sell your work or dealing with a private or corporate client, your portfolio is central to your presentation.

It should contain -

A. Your current CV (curriculum vitae), presented in either chronological or reverse-chronological order.

The latter is usually preferred. Remember that you need to make things easy for the person reading it, who may be pressured for time. What you have done of recent years will, of course, be more relevant to your current body of work.

B. An artist's statement about your current work. Explain briefly concepts explored and reasons for so doing.

C. Photographs of current work, showing development (eg sketches of ideas, experiments, leading to finished pieces).

D. Examples of past work, perhaps showing series or various investigations, which may, or may not, have led to an exhibition.

Next month: Compiling your CV.

Tania Heben

Tania Heben is ready for a "sea change" - except that this change is away from the ocean and to the bush.

Life in Port Douglas, North Queensland, is something to which many aspire and which only a few of the more adventurous realise.

Because of the ease of communications and travel over the last decade, some people manage to operate their daily work lives from the comfort of their home in Port Douglas - or even from the deck of their cruising yacht!

For artists, the beauty of the area is not only an attraction but also a necessary source of inspiration for their work.

Tania has lived and worked in Port Douglas for the past two decades but has recently moved her studio away from the coast, up and over the mountains to the drier savannah country, where huge rivers flow from the Great Dividing Range across to the distant coast of the Gulf in the west.

So Tania’s subjects and palette will undergo a radical change, which is intriguing and exciting for her – a new beginning.

Instead of the influence of ocean, beaches and dark rainforest tangles she will respond to distant horizons, where the original aboriginal inhabitants once lived off the land.

Abandoned silver and copper mines have left traces of their activity on the landscape, which is all browns and reds and dull, soft greens, the sky a pale blue canopy above.

As a special offer to “Perspectives” readers, Tania is happy to provide two of her prints of the Port Douglas area for the price of one. If you live in Australia the postage is also included.

Please see to view these prints.

Then please contact us via any of the forms on the site.

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