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Perspectives, Issue #002 -- Arts Festival Planned for Port Douglas.
February 19, 2008

"Perspectives" - Arts Festival Planned for Port Douglas.

The buzz in Port Douglas at present is the exciting prospect of the first ever Arts Festival in the town, to be held in October this year. Named Go Troppo, it invites you, wherever you are in the world, to come and “let your hair down”, go a little crazy with joy and help us celebrate this season of renewal and plenty.

October/ November is a fabulous time of the year, when the weather is usually fine and warm.

This end of the year heralds the Wet season as Nature bursts forth with brilliantly coloured flowering trees – splashes of vermillion, pinks, yellows and mauves silhouetted against a bright blue sky.

Then she overloads us with a cornucopia of tropical fruit – the most popular being lychees, mangoes, paw-paws, bananas and pineapples...avocados, rambutans and the more exotic mangosteens, durian, carambolas and dragon fruit...the list goes on... custard apples, rollinias, soursop, jackfruit and the strange miracle fruit.

Have you heard of those? They are little red berries and after eating one, everything (even the sourest of lemons) tastes sweet!

For heaps of information about tropical fruit have a look at, a site run by a couple who choose to live their dream at Cape Tribulation, north of the Daintree River.

As well as the end of the year being a season of renewal on land, the ocean also gets into the act with the amazing phenomenon of coral spawning.

Every year, just after full moon, usually in November, but sometimes as early as October or as late as December, the coral spawns, simultaneously, across a vast area of the Great Barrier Reef. Corals release eggs, to join sperm on the surface of the ocean. Phosphorescence and a strange sulphurous smell, allied with a greenish glow in the water, makes this a natural spectacle like no other.

To register your interest in becoming involved in the festival or to find out more as the programme develops please see

To “go troppo” was an expression used in the early days of European settlement in the tropics when, as heat and humidity increased, people’s behaviour became erratic and somewhat bizarre and eccentric.

What better excuse for letting creativity flow in 2008? Music, theatre, visual art and dance – the more the merrier! Come join us and we’ll go troppo together?

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