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Perspectives, Issue #008-- Monsoon
February 01, 2009

"Perspectives" - Monsoon and cyclone season keeps us all indoors.

Well, it’s still raining! Tropical Australia is in the grip of the annual monsoon and, as I write, a cyclone is hovering off-shore between Cairns and Townsville. Code named Ellie, it is not classified as being severe so will probably mostly bring more rain. The floods have drained away but things are pretty soggy, with waterlogged trees apparently likely to fall over in high winds.

Here’s one of Frieda’s haikus on the subject -

rain is splashing down
corrugated iron roof
becomes solid sound

At least things are much cooler when the rain is crashing down – it’s good sleeping weather and my air-conditioner is having a well-earned rest.

This is a cheerful photo, taken at Christmas 2008. All of the flowers have now gone, to be replaced by dense, bright green foliage.

Schools in Queensland have re-opened after the summer holidays, with most children excited and pleased to be back at “work”.

By the way there has been a great response to the “write your own haiku” – see the bottom of this page and join in?

If you are living in an area other than Tropical Australia, please contribute to any of the interactive pages here . It was wonderful to have a couple of contributions from an artist in Iran – about man’s assault on Nature and what we, as artists, can do about it. Ideas about that topic? Respond to his submission?

Here are some of the countries which accessed this site in January – Australia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Brazil, United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, Indonesia, India, Seychelles, Switzerland, People's Republic of China, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, France, Greece, Sweden, Turkey…

Magical, isn’t it?

Jim and Aden on Jim's birthday; would you like to learn how to make a larger-than-life sized clay portrait?

On the FNQ arts scene, we are cranking up our planning for Go Troppo Arts Festival 2009. In particular we would like to see a new group of volunteers, the Friends of the Festival, get off to a flying start.

Fabulous workshops, that you could not find anywhere else in the world, are in the pipeline as well as music, theatrical productions, art exhibitions, poetry, film, etc. Go Troppo with us?

We are looking, too, for a long-term involvement from individuals, businesses and government to help to grow this exciting initiative.

Can you help?

Perhaps by forwarding this newsletter to your network it might reach those who would like to help foster the Arts in our country – by contributing in some way or else coming to join in the fun.

We will suggest that resorts and other holiday accommodation might like to offer special festival packages to value-add to your experience.

YES! you may forward this email to your friends. They, also, may wish to subscribe to the newsletter by visiting the home page.

More tropical haikus by Frieda
Upload your latest artwork?

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