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Perspectives, Issue #033 - It Must Be Butterfly Season!
November 09, 2015

"Perspectives" - It Must Be Butterfly Season!

As I have done hundreds of times, I walked to the beach along the brooding jungle path from my home at Port Douglas, North Queensland.

But this time, something was different.

The air vibrated softly with clouds of orange butterflies, their colour echoing the orange, gold and brown of fallen leaves at my feet. Bright flashes of colour leaped out of the gloom, reflected from their pulsating wings as they flew through small patches of sunlight.

“Ah! Ha!” I thought, “I feel a new scarf design coming on!”. Softly flowing silk in subdued oranges with flashes of light? Who knows – time will tell...

More butterflies on a secluded island

A few days later I find myself writing to you from a small island in the Whitsundays, an hour’s flight, then a half hour speed boat trip south of Cairns.

A scrub turkey with a red head and yellow frill at his neck struts through the purple bougainvillea bushes and onto my bure’s balcony at the edge of a white, curved beach, framing a calm, turquoise bay.

Sulphur crested cockatoos squawk and wallabies hop about unhurriedly in the undergrowth; butcher birds keep a sharp lookout for moving prey or falling red seeds.

And here are the butterflies again; but this time they are black, with pale blue and green markings, flitting from flower to flower, sipping nectar.

Up a narrow walking track, through a small clearing and into dense bush and there they are again – a whole cloud of tactile movement in the shadows.

Sounds like Paradise?

I think that it must be. Yesterday Lee Walters and I made the journey by road, air and sea to Long Island for a very special occasion, the wedding of artist, Louise Collier and Steve Sharpe, whom some of you may remember from their caretaker days on Low Isles near Port Douglas.

Such an intrepid and adventurous pair, kind hearted and hard working, Steve and Louise celebrated the joyous occasion on the beach with family and friends, who had come from all corners of the globe. Pure magic!

Keeping in touch

It’s an awfully long time since my last newsletter; have been keeping in touch with many of you via Facebook, so hope that has been of some interest. Trouble is that, unless you respond in some way, with a ‘like’ or a comment, Facebook thinks that you are not interested so doesn’t send you posts from that person or business.

The art scene in the tropics of North Queensland has been as active as ever, with exhibitions galore at The Tanks Art Centre, Cairns Regional Gallery and Canopy Art Space in Cairns as well as at the Tablelands Art Gallery at Atherton.

The hugely successful annual Cairns Indigenous Art Fair was held over three days in July with performances, exhibitions and films all adding to the excitement.

Cairns Festival has finished its varied programme of music, theatre and visual arts for 2015. Perhaps you managed to catch one of these interesting events. If not, plan for next year?

Cairns ARTescape, a wonderful programme of Winter art workshops was held in July, with students eagerly awaiting next year’s world class programme. Join in?

The Port Douglas Artists group, which comprises artists from this website who happen to live in or near Port Douglas, usually manages to have a group project happening.

This year we developed a slideshow/video to accompany the launch of an English band, Stomping on Spiders’ new song, In Paradise.

The launch was planned to coincide with the opening of Port Douglas Carnivale 2015. Here it is - friends online

Last but not least:

Some news for you about my own artwork. Some months ago I decided to go ‘all out’ on designing and producing high quality silk scarves, so am in the throes of building a new website for the purpose.

The idea is that series of scarf designs will feature observations about Australia and its lifestyle, sometimes being derived from my existing paintings or photographs, at other times being completely new.

After much research and soul searching I made the decision to keep the whole process of designing, scanning, filing, testing, printing and sewing the scarves here in Australia, using the best artisans and technicians that I could find.

What do you think about this idea? I would be so grateful if you could spend a little time checking out the new site – Spirit of Oz. Would you have time to drop me a note to let me know what you think? Most importantly, how can I improve it? Is it easy to read and navigate? Or confusing for some reason? I would love it if you point out something that doesn’t work for you. You won’t hurt my feelings – honest feedback is what I’m after!

While you’re there why not become one of our exclusive members? It’s free, easy to do and you then will have instant access to new designs, often at greatly reduced prices for a short time, plus other benefits of being part of this special community.

As you know from experience, I won’t be sending you emails very often!

With my very best wishes for your health, happiness and creative endeavours.


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