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Perspectives, Issue #031 - Go with the Flow
October 05, 2014

"Perspectives" - Go with the Flow!

October sees artist, Terry Johnson, ‘fired up’ and having a great time developing new paintings, which are a change in method and approach for him. Not a boat, a fish, nor a ‘character’ in sight!

Here’s the new webpage about his latest work.

Terry tells us about the process of developing these semi abstract beach paintings and how much he has enjoyed himself this winter, in his online journal. Not only did he appreciate observing the reflections and tidal flow, but, when he was working on the paintings back in his studio, he tilted them this way and that, the fluid paint reminding him of the movement of the ocean at low tide – coming in or going out.

Monday Fundays

The importance of the ‘process’ in developing paintings, or any artwork for that matter, is something that I emphasise to my ‘Monday Funday’ painting group of adult students at Douglas Arts Base in Mossman, a short drive from Port Douglas, where I live.

Although the three hour session is about painting, it is also about developing that latent creativity that lies within us all – the child within. Students are asked to leave their doubts and self-criticisms behind as they join in an adventure of discovery.

So far the group has examined the main principles of design as they apply to the making of any artwork and experimented with those elements.

They are now ready to complete paintings ready for a student exhibition at the end of the year.

The subject for this ‘adventure’ will be the sugar industry, the mainstay of agriculture in the region, apart from exotic tropical fruit. If you use Facebook, keep an eye open for the results of their efforts in five weeks or so.

The Reef Marina Windows Project

This winter the Port Douglas Artists group was invited to arrange displays of artwork in the windows of empty shops in the Reef Marina.

Once every week the main shop, or ‘Hub’, is open to the public for a couple of hours, when they can chat with artists and buy artwork if they wish.

The project has proved to be very successful with the Marina Management, participating artists and visitors all happy with the arrangement. Do drop in any Wednesday 4 - 6pm.

Inkmasters Cairns

This group of dedicated professionals has gone from strength to strength, holding exhibitions (recently one to coincide with the highly successful Cairns Indigenous Art Fair) and running master printmaking classes with Theo Tremblay and other tutors.

Put Some Colour In Your Life

This art TV show, which features Australian artists, has recently been accepted into a number of states in USA – so our local artists now have a much wider audience than previously.

Congratulations to Graeme and his creative team for all their hard work in making this happen.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Much of this film is due to be shot in various stunning localities of the Douglas Shire; no doubt you will be seeing locals as 'extras' once production is complete.

What is your 'arty' news?

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As always, my very best wishes to you and yours


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